SOLO-International Press Release: America Strikes Back

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SOLO-International Press Release: America Strikes Back

February 20, 2009

Real America seems to be striking back against the Airhead America that voted Barack Chavez-Obama into the White House, notes SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"A poll on CNBC, prompted by the network's money specialist Rick Santelli's off-the-cuff touting of a 'Chicago Tea Party' this July, shows hundreds of thousands in support of the idea, within hours. President Chavez-Obama shows he's rattled by this spontaneous incipient Second American Revolution by mentioning Santelli nine times at a press conference.

"Glenn Beck's 'You Are Not Alone' project on Fox News, whereby viewers send in photographs of themselves as a gesture of solidarity with the protest against President Chavez-Obama's Big Brotherism, is enjoying huge success.

"A protest in Mesa, Arizona, against President Chavez-Obama's Bailout Bolshevism sports signs such as 'I need a beachfront condo, Mr. President,' 'Give me liberty or at least a big screen TV,' 'Give me free Vegas hotel rooms and chips too,' 'Stimulate the economy and buy me a new Lexus,' etc., showing that commonsense, heartland America is neither impressed by Chavez-Obama's grand larceny nor tempted by its loot.

"On a deeper level, Ayn Rand's resurgent Atlas Shrugged, the most important novel of the twentieth century, exposing the moral bankruptcy of Chavez-Obamian collectivism and its catastrophic consequences, sits at 83 on's best-seller list in paperback, and 124 in hard cover, fifty years after publication.

"The disaster of Airhead America's triumph last November may already be reversing itself as Real Americans seemingly repair to the values of the country's founders. If only they can leave God out of the equation this time, and in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson and Ayn Rand fix reason firmly on its throne, their liberties will be that much more secure when Chavez-Obama gets kneecapped in 2010," Perigo concludes.

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That would be something!

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If Obama slashed the deficit, it would be a start. Unless of course he taxes everyone out of business in order to do it!

Obama pledges to halve US budget deficit

By Stephen Foley in New York

Monday, 23 February 2009

Barack Obama is pledging to halve the country’s spiralling budget deficit over the course of his first term, betting his credibility, and his re-election, on a major rebound by the struggling economy and his ability to push through tax increases.

The pledge of a return to fiscal discipline, expected to be made this week with the publication of his first budget, will be presented as an olive branch to Republican opponents, as the President of the United States tries to put his strategy of bipartisanship back on the rails. But Mr Obama is also likely to reaffirm his commitment to letting George Bush’s controversial tax cuts for the wealthy to expire by 2010...


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I know your memory is faulty, but *I* am under 35 and I didn't spring forth from the foam. Somebody is keeping Atlas near the top of the Amazon lists, and that probably wouldn't happen without youngsters.

I know darling. That's why I said "virtually." I told you all that study would rot your brain. Eye


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No victories in history are permanent; hence Jefferson's prescient quote that "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance". However, that sword cuts both ways. Intellectual ability and brainpower do not multiple with the numbers of a mob, and the mob is fickle. As Rand demonstrated, they are no match for the powers of a genius.

Also, don't forget that the early American colonies were heavily religious, almost to the point of theocracy by today's standards (eg. see Dale's laws). Yet, within a matter of 50 years the tide was turning significantly in favor of liberty (eg. New York Charter of Libertyes and Constitution of Carolina). That tide turned without modern communications and technology and, more importantly, the contribution of all the great minds between then and now.

I know your memory is faulty, but *I* am under 35 and I didn't spring forth from the foam. Somebody is keeping Atlas near the top of the Amazon lists, and that probably wouldn't happen without youngsters.

I don't think anybody for second mistakes Santelli for John Galt--that's rather silly. I think people were/are excited about a light of momentum in favor of capitalism shining through some ominous and dark economic policies.


Meanwhile, Hillary advises China...

Ellen Stuttle's picture keep buying Treasury Bonds:



Feb 22, 4:35 AM (ET)


BEIJING (AP) - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wants China to continue investing in the United States because the two countries' financial futures are closely tied together.


During her trip to Beijing, Clinton's emphasis on the global economy, climate change and security were meant to highlight the growing importance of U.S.-China relations, which have often frayed over disagreements on human rights.


On Saturday, Clinton and Yang said regular dialogue on economic issues would now include terrorism and other security issues. Details will be finalized by President Barack Obama and the Chinese president at an economic summit in London in April. "We have every reason to believe that the United States and China will recover and together we will help lead the world recovery," she told reporters at a news conference with Yang.

Ahead of her talks, Clinton said China's controversial human rights record would be largely off the table, a blunt admission that startled rights groups.

~~~ [End excerpt]


Putin advice to US: don't go socialist

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This American Thinker item links a Pat Dollard link to a Peter Goodman report. Putin's advice was made at the Davos Conference in Switzerland. It wasn't made in response to last week's events, as many of the commenters apparently think it was. Still, it's "timely" and intriguing.

A number of the commenters speculate on Putin's motives. One (Bob F, Feb 19, 09:01 AM) opines:

The prospect of American going completely socialist is frightening to the EU, Russia, China, and all the other socialist countries. Why ? Because the US is the global "sugar daddy" whose money, development, and trade keep all these socialist vampire nations afloat. Convert the US to socialism completely and these nations realize their days would be numbered, and it would be a small number. Margaret Thatcher summed it up nicely when she said "socialism fails when it runs out of other people's money".


More Striking Back: state-sovereignty motions

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"Lawmakers in 20 states move to reclaim sovereignty"


Oklahoma Resolution Passes


This of course isn't to say that the state legislatures would be great shakes at supporting individual rights either. But the impetus is indicative of the groundswell of outrage.


It's your turn...

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 Santelli fired the "first shot." He is to be commended. But he is one person, and he is NOT John Galt. Do not mistake him for your John Galt, your Godot, whoever. Do not rely on him to carry this all the way for you. He lit the flame; now, those who are SERIOUS about this will carry the torch. Already, "tea parties" are planned across the country and people are getting the nerve to stand up. This is where we find out where Rand's fans really stand... 

...A SHOW OF HANDS: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile....


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probably realized he could not continue in the same vein and be an employee of CNBC which is owned by GE or as a de facto representative of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which does not want to be any kind of a target, I'm sure, of a vengeful administration or Congress. Or he might have been explicitly told. All those trader friends of his are at risk also.

So, Scott, Rick would have had to quit to keep it up. Maybe it'll come to that. In any case, the great battle coming up will be over talk radio.


Airhead America Has Already Won

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They have their Democratic Congress and their Socialist President. His popularity is sky high. He is nationalizing businesses and banks.

This stuff can all be undone, but the trend towards capitalism and freedom is small, and the trend towards Socialism and collectivism is massive, and gaining steam.

Americans cheered Santilli--and where did it go?

Santilli started out strong. His response to the pathetic White House rebuke was shamefully timid.

"I am glad we could open up a national dialogue?"

What about "I don't generally drink coffee with Socialists who are going to destroy my country"

Or "Why don't we save the money it would cost to fly me to Washington for coffee and spend it on a real economist at the White House to explain to the President why his Plans are going to ruin this county?"

Or "Any time President Obama wants to debate me on live television on the topic of his bailouts, I am all in."

Santilli backed down and he should not have.

No one but corrupt fucking politicians want this bailout.

Meanwhile, I get my ass up every day and run my business, employing 3 other people, scratching to survive. And these motherfuckers are spending half of my earnings, from now until eternity.

Let the politicians have Washington. The rest of us should tell them to go to hell. See what they are capable 0of producing for themselves without businessmen. Have do-nothing government parasites try to fend for themselves and see what happens.

Scott DeSalvo
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My grandfather, Irving Brant, wrote the definitive, comprehensive biography of James Madison in 6 volumes. 23 years of research and writing ending in late 1960. He showed me the final manuscript when I visited in Washington, D.C. in late 1960. We went to the Jefferson Memorial and inside the rotunda was Jefferson's great quotation about eternal warfare against tyranny over "the mind of man." My grandfather had suggested the quotation to his friend Harold Ickes, the Secretary of the Interior. That's why it's there.


Mr. Moeller

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I fear it's touch-and-go who will win: Real America or Airhead America. As evidence, I venture to suggest that virtually no one in America under the age of 35 would begin to comprehend the magnificent Madison quotation you furnished - neither the letter nor the spirit, which, as you say, is infused with a dignity and gravitas that, as I say, is simply alien to pomowanking headbanging caterwaulers with no vocabulary and no attention-span. As evidence, see the humanity-diminishing pomo-posts right here by Richard Goode PhD, Parille, Jonathan, Matty, Campbell (who's admittedly 135) et al.

As further evidence of how touch-and-go it is, I offer a poll I saw today which I shan't link to in the interests of not needlessly depressing innocent SOLOists, showing Chavez-Obama to be more popular than Jesus or Gandhi.

America Strikes Back, Indeed

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As I told you before, Linz, America is still better than the "airheads". Perhaps one of the positive outcomes of the election is that the "real America" is encouraged to no longer remain silent.

Santelli's "rant" is a powerful rebuke to those who duck behind the rampart walls, unwilling to take the battle to the mainstream. Often, civility-mongers eschew competitiveness in the intellectual arena, and prefer incoherent "exegesis". The sword of competive fire is exactly whats needed for capitalism to reclaim its throne in American life.

Yes, civility is great, when combined with passion and logic and eloquence. The Founding Fathers provided a brilliant example of this--words gold-plated with seriousness, rationality, and a vision of what might be. When reading their works and the Constitutional debates, one cannot help but be struck by a deep nostalgia for a time that once was.

As a rebuke to President Obama who believes he is entitled to "spread the wealth" of Americans, our president from 200 years ago has already answered your pernicious desires:

"Government is instituted to protect property of every sort; as well that which lies in the various rights of individuals, as that which the term particularly expresses. This being the end of government, that alone is a just government, which impartially secures to every man, whatever is his own...

That is not a just government, nor is property secure under it, where the property which a man has in his personal safety and personal liberty, is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest...

That is not a just government, nor is property secure under it, where arbitrary restrictions, exemptions, and monopolies deny to part of its citizens that free use of their faculties, and free choice of their occupations, which not only constitute their property in the general sense of the word; but are the means of acquiring property so called...

A just security to property is not afforded by that government, under unequal taxes oppress one species of property and reward other species: where arbitrary taxes invade the domestic sanctuaries of the rich, and excessive taxes grind the faces of the poor...

If the United States mean to obtain or deserve the full praise due to wise and just government, they will equally respect the rights of property, and the property in rights: they will rival the government that most sacredly guards the former; and by repelling its example in violating the latter, will make themselves a pattern to that and all other governments."
-James Madison, "Property", National Gazette

What a difference 200 years makes. A shining example of what an American statesman and politican was, and might be again. Here's to carrying their legacy to new heights!!


God, etc.

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Good Job, Lindsay

And yes, I hope they can leave God out, so this revolution -- if there is one -- has some staying power!


A "few" years ago -- I don't remember off-hand which Spring meeting it was in the last few years, except that it was more than two -- a Spring meeting of the New England combined sections of the American Association of Physics Teachers/American Physical Society was hosted by the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT.

The restaurant at the Inn where Larry and I were staying was decorated by various placards from the early days of the U.S. "colonies," as they still were then.

One said:


"We'll accept the laws of God for now. We'll write better when we have time."


Fact is, most of the people currently representing what's left of "real America" today have a religious-based view of ethics. Even such a prominent non-American in the battle against the AGW insanity as Christopher Monckton bases his view of the significance of reason on a Catholic underpinning.

Yes, of course, getting God out of the picture would be excellent, long range.

But, folks, here's your problem: The current scientific view of the human being leaves no place for volition -- either the Objectivist version or what I would consider to be a correct version. The only place today where people can find the idea that humans aren't determinist machines is in a religious framework.

Now isn't when to decry such people because of your disagreements, but instead to try to reach them with every common concern you have.

I hope that persons here with the time and energy will post links everywhere they can to the Starnesville excerpt which Linz provided. It speaks to what remains of "real America" -- clearly, loudly.

Do it!!!

(I've already sent the link around to various specific people I know, but I'm badly limited by health problems in how much time I can spend looking at a computer screen. I've more than "shot my wad" in the last 24 hours.)


Sadly ...

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On Glenn Beck today, ARI's Onkar Ghate, who made the most sense, got the least time.

And has anyone else noticed how Bill O'Reilly is pushing the line that Bailout Bolshevism is a "fait accompli" and folk should stop waging "ideological war" against it?

Good humour

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The Perigo Fawstin tag team strikes again. Smiling

Interesting response ...

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... from someone on the press release distribution list:

Nice , Lindsay - except we differ on the more-than-probability of a supreme intelligence. (Inncidentally I quite often think of you and Aristotle arguing that man is a rational animal - and wonder how you both could have got it so wrong...Smiling You remind me of ....God is dead, said Nietzsche.. .and then Nietsche is dead...said God.

I replied:

If only, my dear, God had the sense of humour to say that. History would have been a lot less blood-soaked. Aristotle and I say man is the rational animal. That's not the same as "man is always rational." Some men believe in fairies, trolls, goblins, ghosts and gods, after all. Smiling


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A tea party in July. Maybe this might be something not to be missed?

"Who is John Galt?"

There will, Pig time.

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There will, Pig time.

Thanks guys

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I'm really revved up today. So much *good* stuff happening!!

And Bosch - there's gotta be a Pigman in "America Strikes Back"!

'America Strikes Back', love

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'America Strikes Back', love the sound of that.

Good Job, Lindsay

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And yes, I hope they can leave God out, so this revolution -- if there is one -- has some staying power!

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