Societys Downward Spiral

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Submitted by Frizzy on Sat, 2006-03-04 21:40

What is it that causes us, the general public, to sell off our freedoms for trinkets or 'peace-of-mind's?
Could it be the lack of perceived personal responsibility?
Our bosses at work tell us what to do at work, and we really don't have a say there.
There are 'no smoking' signs, there are 'tow away' signs, there are signs on just about everything these days.
When we relax at home, most people choose to suppress their personality in front of the television.
And then the whole cycle starts again.
Humans are creatures of habit, and we are habitually loosing oppertunity to use our rights, slowly and surely when we cannot think of the immediate response to prevent it from happening in a given instance.
Even if minorities are aware of their rights, that wont stop the majority of voting away their 'freedoms'.
What is the answer? How do we stop this deceptive spiral towards Facisism?


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"What is the answer?"

Well, if you really want to make a start in putting a halt to society's downward spiral, the correct use of apostrophes would be somewhere to begin. That might perhaps be seen as a subset of Marnee's excellent thoughts.

As Leonard P. said somewhere, the answer is simple: all you have to do is think.


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Society is undoubtedly on a downward spiral - the number of pessimists is increasing by the day.

Nicely said Marnee.

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Nicely said Marnee.

Here's my maxim...

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Walk softly, think intensely, and carry a really big gun.

Voltaire can help

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Voltaire once said something to the effect of: nothing can withstand the onslaught of sustained thinking.

People dont bother to think. Not deeply anyway. Of course many implicitly understand the principles of liberty, and the intertia of this helps some but, ugh the spiral is as you described.

Also, the truth is not obvious and requires tremendous thinking and not only that tremendous philosophical detection.

Fascism is not the answer. Only pure unadulterated Capitalism will work in the end. This is the only system that DEMANDS that all individuals think and think selfishly. Its imperative.


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