Obama's Vision -- Thomas Sowell

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Submitted by Jason Quintana on Tue, 2009-03-03 03:40

This one is far better than the rant posted earlier. Not quite as openly "KASS" but it contains the thoughts of one of the very elite American intellects. A month ago I was wrong. I had assumed that Obama was the same thing as Clinton, but Sowell was right in this interview from a few months ago where he explained the difference.

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And hear Reagan's D-Day speech. *There* was a President!!

This is true

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"This is the perfect storm for a charismatic leader who wants to make major changes to the American way of life."

He's a deus ex machina. The apotheosis of not only collectivist hopes, but of collectivist political activism and technique. They are in thrall to him, and enthralled *by* him.

He's a bookend to JFK, but without Kennedy's demons. Shit won't stick. You think that color is natural? No. That's teflon.

He's the Anti-American, and he may very well be the rocky shore upon which Rand's wave finally breaks.

All right boys?

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I'll do a press release tomorrow about that speech in Egypt. No doubt the White House will be quaking in its boots. Smiling

'This deserves a bump.'

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It sure does, Jason.

This deserves a bump.

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This deserves a bump.

I remember

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I did not mean to suggest you were an Obama supporter. I remember that the hope was that he would be a centrist.
You were clear on that.

He lied to us. We will find out how far down the rabbit hole he leads us.

Scott DeSalvo

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Scott (and in response to

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Scott (and in response to Jeff), I should make it clear that my mistake did not extend to rooting for Obama or supporting him in the election. My assumption was that Obama would make a quick move to consolidate his power by acting as a centrist, acting in public at least like a watch dog over Democrats in the legislature. It sounded like a smart move politically given the circumstances, and this was the impression I was getting (or at least wishing for) based on the inaugural address.

But what I wanted to believe simply isn't true. Obama said during the election that he would read spending bills "line by line" before signing anything. He certainly didn't do that before he signed the latest massive spending package. And after that catastrophe it looks like this is just the beginning. There will be similar bills sponsored by the White House, with free reign given to Congress to add massive amounts of padding. This doesn’t matter too much to the President. The economic meltdown and the confusion it causes among "airhead America" provides a revolutionary leader with the perfect opportunity to expand government, control entire industries, and redistribute wealth.

My previous hopes were just wishful thinking. This is the perfect storm for a charismatic leader who wants to make major changes to the American way of life. My knowledge about Objectivism and its use in making judgements like these might benefit from a refresher course.

Sowell is the very

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Sowell is the very definition of wisdom, I can't recall ever being let down by his words about important matters, he's always dead on.


Make no mistake, Thomas Sowell is a genius

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And, Jason, you should not feel too bad about being mistaken about Obama. There are many, MANY people who were, and are learning and will learn, that Obama IS a Socialist Radical ala Ayers, and has a college freshman's naivete about exactly what Socialism is.

His books on economics should be REQUIRED reading in high school and certainly college.

This is going to be the end of us (US).

Scott DeSalvo

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Looks interesting browsing through wikipedia. No Alen Keyes that's for sure.

The comment about Obama having not achieved anything is stupid.

You know what I think about the piss-weak Ayers connection.

Matty is silent...

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...why isn't he turning up here to dig the dirt on Sowell?

Surely he can find something in Sowell's past views to invalidate his criticisms of Obama.

Please amplify

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I'm intensely curious why someone intelligent and knowledgeable about the Objectivist philosophy would evaluate Obama as "the same thing as Clinton."

Please explain in as much detail as you have time for.

That's a very good clip

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That's a very good clip Jason. Informative.


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