Edison Hour at 8.30pm on March 28

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Submitted by Jameson on Fri, 2009-03-20 13:12

The University of Michigan Students of Objectivism are organising a global rally on Facebook: Edison Hour.

"In 2009, at 8.30pm on March 28, we are asking people across the world to turn ON their lights and join together in a celebration of technology and industrialization. For one hour, please use as much power and energy as possible in order to celebrate the advancement of mankind. It's as simple as a flip of the switch."

Who else is gonna drop in and turn on?

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Good stuff, Kasper

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It will be Shandra's party. I will make a point of it to the guests that we have over 200 light bulbs glowing and that we wish to thank Thomas Edison for his wonderful achievement.

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