SOLO-International Op-Ed: How Bad Does It Have to Get?

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SOLO-International Op-Ed: How Bad Does It Have to Get?

Scott DeSalvo
April 5, 2009

I just read a recent issue of the news magazines Time and Newsweek.

If either or both of these can be considered barometers of the average American's intellectual response to nationalization of major industries, including banking, and the passage of stimulus bills and budgets passed that are a third fatter than we can afford, then, yes, we can all about wrap it up and head home.

Socialism won, and Karl Marx beat Ayn Rand bloody.

The responses in those publications are adoring of Obama, vague as to exactly what is happening, supportive of the strategy of "we must do something!"and occasionally supportive of outright Socialism.

Ayn Rand identified that it is intellectuals who are first betraying America, and in my mind, those news magazines confirm that there is a not a single mainstream pseudo-intellect out there who has identified the nature of the Obama "change."

Americans have been intellectually disarmed by intellectuals, the public education system, and the media. Now, what would once have provoked violence and outrage is ignored or praised.

Americans have completely and utterly forgotten what made the U.S. the best. Because they were taught and told something different--that instead of America being the best, it was doing so on the backs of inncocents, bleeding innocents, stealing its profits, lying to its citizens, was dastardly and something to be ashamed of.

I am ashamed of some of the things America has done and Americans have done. But I am so proud of America, so proud of the ideas, so proud to be of the nation founded by the Founders.

The height of intellectualism today is collectivism, Socialism, statism. The public will not be led unless its leader espouses support of these.

The hope lies in a new nation. This isn't ancient Rome. We do not HAVE to be part of the slaughter and poverty that is almost certain to come.

What will happen in the United States at this point? Let's look past the growth of the police state and outlawing of guns, past the nationalization of industry and the growth of a paternalistic government that is bloated and corrupt as to make the former Soviet Union proud. That is on the 4 year plan--the first one.

Let's say that 'they' decide that all of the Obama Change is a mistake--they're going to go back to--what, exactly?

We do not have the horses to force these people to adhere to the Constitution, nor do we possess the rhetoric sufficient to convince them that following it is in their best interests--not when theft has been so easy and so handsomely rewarded.

It is OVER now except for the details. OVER AND OUT.

This is still about the best place to live, overall. That is changing rapidly, and I am not interested in living in the least bad Socialist totalitarian dictatorship in the world.

There are many, many, many people who do not want that, either.

Are we too few and too poor to create a new nation?

Scott DeSalvo

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Saturday Night Live

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You can follow this link:

to the Hulu website where a comedy skit makes light of Obama deciding which businesses stay open and which close--"by force if necessary."


Sea-Steading - Atlantis?

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Bravo Scott. I sort of felt the same way and made a speech about it a couple of months ago.

"Imagine yourself alone in an empty field and ask yourself whether you would know how to prepare the soil and grow the food, whether you would be able to invent a wheel, a candle, or even a basic generator?

These things which we take for granted every single day of our lives, were created by men…. those who choose to think.

Independent men, with independent thoughts and aspirations.

Men whose minds have produced things like a microwave oven, a hair dryer, a photocopier or a nail gun on a construction site.

Creators like Henry Ford, the first man to mass-produce motor vehicles with his Model T. The are some who say that Henry Ford did more for the 3rd world than 10,000 Mother Theresa’s.

Thinkers like the men of science, whose amount of study has demanded years of unwavering dedication to research and study. Scientists whose work and successes consistently go undervalued, unappreciated and unrecognised, as Paris Hilton is splashed across the headlines, as demanded by the press and those that would read it.

Perhaps that is one reason to why one of New Zealand’s top broadcaster's, Lindsay Perigo walked out of Television NZ back in 1993 “stating that the news was brain dead”

Scientists whose research gets slammed by upstart governmental officials who would struggle to find jobs as second hammers in a production line of real life.

Men of the mind, just like the 32,000 American Scientists, 9,000 of which hold PhD’s, who petitioned the United States government, stating that man made global warming is a fallacy.

And if 32,000 scientists aren’t enough to make you question this, then ask yourself, what would?

Creators and thinkers emanate from across the board, such as artists, steel workers, musicians, electricians, engineers, architects or farmers.

Can you imagine how the world today would progress without independent thought?

What if the thinkers and creators decided to leave their homes and quietly disappear?

The think tank suddenly burst open and everyone left the building

How many independent conclusions have you have reached in the course of your life and how much of the time was spent on the actions you have learnt from others?

Could the world continue to progress without the creators… or the independent thinkers?

Ayn Rand thought not in 1957, when she published her book “Atlas Shrugged”

Rand wrote that the thinkers and creators would eventually quit a world that put no value to their effort and they would seek out a place to live independently, where they could be free to study, research, create and produce what they desired.

Where they could speak freely and live freely.

The place they all went to in Rand’s book, was named Galt’s Gulch and because Atlas Shrugged has remained in the top 100 best sellers ever since '57, I spent the weekend on the Internet looking to see if there might be aspirations for such a place, some 52 years later.

The results were very interesting indeed.

If you were going to start a new country, where on earth do you think you that you would consider?

What about the ocean?

This may sound a little surreal…..perhaps even a little far fetched?

But is it?

What is the prospect of living in the ocean?

The Seasteading Institute is an organisation dedicated to creating experimental ocean communities "with diverse social, political, and legal systems."

The executive director of the Sea Steading Institute is 33 year old, Patri Friedman, grandson of Nobel Prize winning economist, Milton Freed-man.

According to Patri, “The world has run out of frontiers. A lot of problems that we are seeing are because people are dissatisfied with their governments and there is not a place of real freedom where they can go.

The ocean is the penultimate frontier and eventually space will be the next move. Living on oceans is like living in space and this will be the stepping stone, where we can grow and expand and eventually get off this rock.”

How serious is this prospect?

The Institute expects to have modules completed within the next 3 to 5 years for approximately 200 people.

You might be interested to know that.

The Sea Steading Institute has recently received ½ a million dollars in funding from billionaire Peter Thiel, himself a great thinker, a master chess champion, also a successful producer & creator. He was the one of the creators of Pay Pal, and a founder of Face Book.

Thiel, like Friedman is also an advocate of Ayn Rand.

I’ll leave my thoughts to Benjamin Franklin....

“Where liberty dwells…….. there is my country”


Rand References: Atlas Shrugged - Galts Speech

Global warming references from: American Thinker

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