Vile, Gutter, Low Class Sense of Humor

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Submitted by atlascott on Thu, 2009-04-23 00:19

Okay, I cannot help it.

The premise of the video is "last call" at a bar/pub/tavern and the point of view is that of a woman.

Warning: explicit lyrics, dirty, dirty.

File this under "not proud of it, but damn, that's funny."

From the creepiness of the Asian guy, the 70's style of the bearded guy, and the fact that they are the only 2 guys in the bar at closing...makes it hard to believe his protestations that he is that romantically busy.

It is the lyrical nuances, such as his offer to take our heroine to an alley to "make sexy," which really get me.

I guess I shall never escape being such a low-brow.

A masterpiece of lowbrow comedy.

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Speaking of men being dogs...

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Jim Carrey just kills me in this.

For sure

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Its popcorn to a gourmet meal. You don't sustain your soul on this sort of thing, but still, funny.

They both have a flair for comedy. The Asian guy IS VERY funny. He adds that "what the heck..." factor.


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It's a good video Scott. Quite funny (the first time only). Crap throwaway music. The asian guy is very entertaining.

iphone's with you...

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If you hurry, you might be able to snag one of those "Shake the Baby" games!

What's it gonna be...

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Yeah... I think most women would be able to relate... God men are dogs!! Evil

After watching Comedy Central roasting Pamela Anderson this evening, your clip Scott was practically puritanical.
Can't believe how lowly, dirty and sacrilegious they get on that show... must be a healthy thing to have the piss taken out of them so thoroughly - talk about requiring a thick skin to get through it!

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