SOLO NZ Press Release: 250 IRD Jobs Axed – Only 5750 To Go

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SOLO NZ Press Release: 250 IRD Jobs Axed – Only 5750 To Go

23 April, 2009

Inland Revenue is looking for 250 volunteers in their department to put up their hands for an axing, which is a bloody good start but not nearly enough, says SOLO-NZ Coordinator Glenn Jameson.

“If there’s a silver lining in this global recession then this is surely it. These redundancies couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. Over the years they have destroyed countless lives of hard-working New Zealanders with their vindictive witch-hunts,” notes Jameson.

“I’m sure there will be a wry smile on the faces of victims like Ron Denby, who for fifty years built a multi-million dollar business only to have it snuffed out in a day when the IRD wrongfully and illegally accused him of owing them hundreds of thousands of dollars; like Gerald Sommerville who was hounded and punished for incomplete GST records while he was fighting for his life in intensive care; like Dave Henderson who lost a fortune fighting them after being presumed guilty before finally being proven innocent.

“Unfortunately this happy news has come far too late for Ian Mutton and his 13-year-old son Trevor who killed themselves as a result of relentless harassment by these henchmen for Nanny State.

“Since 2004 the IRD’s ranks have bloated beyond 20%, no doubt to handle the enormous surpluses the government siphoned off the productive to spend on the unproductive. Rather than trimming their 6000 employees by a measly 4%, they should cull their numbers back to a total of 4%, the approximate percentage of income tax the country requires to run the core services – law and order, the judiciary and national defense – needed to protect the rights of every individual,” Jameson concludes.

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Thanks, Sandi

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... and you too, Phil and Lindsay.

That's one freakin' tragic story, Sandi. The fact that IRD bitch isn't doing time makes my blood boil! (Very belated condolences on your mother's untimely death.)

You should get that story in front of IRD headhunter Rodney Hide - he's always looking for a soap box, and the fact the IRD is still sending those demands is a Fair Go story if ever I heard one. Honestly, it makes me want to blow up their swanky new head office.

Bravo Glenn

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For my two cents worth. My late mother was harassed by an IRD inspector who was having an affair with my mother's husband. This woman co-wrote and signed letters to my mother under my (my mother's own business-head). Furthermore, this woman hid business assets in her maiden name and left a message to my mother's husband on how to reduce my mother's pension so she would be forced out of her own business, written on IRD letter paper!! I gave this information (and more) to the IRD who confirmed via an MP, that they did an investigation into the matter. Needless to say, I never heard from them again, my mother committed suicide 3 years ago and the IRD still sends her twice yearly demands to my address.

50%, 60%, 90%!

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Cripes, I'm paying 5%. Although if you're a drinker in Thailand the tax rate on alcohol is supposed to be the second-highest in the world.....

I note ...

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... Britain's Labour Government has just raised the top rate of tax to 50%. I wonder who it thinks will hang around to endure that degree of extortion. Mind you, prior to Maggie it was up in the 90s. And Muldoon had it at 66% here in NZ.

Yes, good pr Glenn. Folk who choose IRD as their career have to be scum.


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Top-notch release.

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