Bravissimo, Chef!

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Submitted by Prima Donna on Sat, 2006-03-11 19:45

Ciro, I greatly enjoy your passion, and I wanted to commend you for the sheer delight you take in il gastronomiche. (Not sure if "il" is correct, but we'll go with that.)

I look forward to perusing your recipes. Since you are the fellow owner of a Newberry, you clearly have good taste. Smiling

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Mille grazie

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Ha! Thank you, Ciro. Though he has a much better accent. Smiling

If you have a real canvas and a print of a Newberry, that's still one more than me, so I shall meet you in the art gallery with a heavy loaf of pane, and we'll fight for the remaining ones.

Ciro D'Agostino

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Ciro D'Agostino

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