SOLO NZ Press Release: Government Bulldozes Property Rights

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SOLO NZ Press Release: Government Bulldozes Property Rights

13 May, 2009

Residents of Mt Albert and Waterview in Auckland are preparing to defend their homes against government bulldozers, and every citizen in New Zealand who values their own property should stand beside them in solidarity, says SOLO-NZ Coordinator Glenn Jameson.

“Transport Minister Steven Joyce is planning to use 1.4 billion dollars that don’t belong to him to level 365 homes that don’t belong to him or the citizens who will benefit from the 4.5km motorway link. Using the excuse that it’s for the greater good of the community effectively crushes the rights of every member in that community – and the only ones who have the temerity to call that good are thugs,” notes Jameson.

“One has to sympathise with resident Leonard Purchase: ‘Bastards. They're a bunch of no-hopers – rats. I've been here 23 years. I inherited this place from my father. My old man bought it [and] he died here – I thought I was going to die here too... Nobody's come to talk to me – it's just things that have come through the mail.’

“The day a government reserves the right to flatten your house without your permission is the day you cease to actually own your property. Your beloved garden, hand-built barbeque, and painstaking renovation are disposable chattels to the politician who coldly draws a line across a map on his way to building another monument to draconian law. It’s time we all linked arms and told the government to get off our land and bugger off out of our lives,” Jameson concludes.

Glenn Jameson 021 733 345,


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Thank you, Richard

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And thank you, PC, for highlighting the aforementioned correction on your blog.

PC says...

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"... I move people up and down regularly for all sorts of reasons."

Except, it seems, Lindsay and I who have been in the cheerleaders for National margin for over a year now.

I wonder how many negative press releases we have to write to offset the ones acknowledging the good National has done before we're promoted.

"Does it help?"

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It makes all the difference for me. Thank you.

Me too

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I'm a tad tired of said perpetrator maintaining support for a psycho racist, bolstering said psycho's position in Libz for months on end, bellicosely refusing to account for this travesty

Me too.

PC, got anything to say?


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Great press release. Smiling

Actually ...

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... it's when they do something that's worth cheering. Weird, I know. Eye

I usually get alerted to such things by the Greens. They send out a press release denouncing something or other the government has done, and I think, "Oh great, the government's done something good again!" The other day they abolished some Commission thingy on gender pay equity. The Greens were apoplectic. A reliable barometer. Eye

"We're not National

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"We're not National cheerleaders any more?"

Only on Tuesdays, I think. Or is it Thursdays. ;^)


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Thanks for posting that here, Kasper.

I meant to do it when I first saw your question. Smiling

Does it help?


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I'm not going to bag you publicly Lindsay, nor am I going to try to work out what the hell you're talking about here. Whatever you've taken umbrage about, I'm happy to sort it over a drink.

If you're confused about the Key to My Blogroll, then strap your sense of humour back on and understand that I move people up and down regularly for all sorts of reasons. Get over it.

And if you'd like to take a look at your stats under 'Traffic Sources' you'll see the sort of effect that playing with my blogroll can have.

You mean ...

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We're not National cheerleaders any more? Eye

Clarification clarified

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And have updated the post. Thank you.

What I struggle with is not

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What I struggle with is not the principle of property rights but the fruitful application of it. Too often I see people of a libertarian view bang on about property rights violations in this country without offering constructive alternatives. Offering an alternative is the important link between connecting a puritanical idea such as property rights with the practical day to day current events of our lives here in NZ. I finally managed to dig this out of Not PC

Not PC quote:


" The government is supposed to protect property rights, not do them over.
And there's no reason it can't all be done voluntarily. Simply buy up options from those who are willing sellers along alternative routes, and when one of those routes becomes live then 'bingo,' off you go. Your new route acquired peacefully, instead of with jackboots.

This method was used in both Britain and the US in the 19th Century to peacefully acquire routes for railways. It was used in 1950s NZ to peacefully acquire routes for the Kapuni pipeline. It was used in Melbourne to acquire the land for the private City Link. And it was even used here in Auckland recently to acquire land for the Mt Roskill extension, and for the Manukau one just being started.

So it's not lack of ability that is the barrier to building motorways peacefully, and without theft, it's lack of interest in the rights of property owners." [End quote]

"Cheerleaders for the government" ...

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... is clearly a misrepresentation of my position re National that could not be validated were its perpetrator to try. That aside, I'm a tad tired of said perpetrator maintaining support for a psycho racist, bolstering said psycho's position in Libz for months on end, bellicosely refusing to account for this travesty and presuming to run a clique out of a building that controls, Mafia-like, who gets thrown down the stairs (or banned from barbecues) and who gets welcomed up them. The last two or three occasions I was invited there I was made to feel thoroughly unwelcome once I got there. Those boys are playing some kind of silly testosterone-competitive second-hander git-game, and they're welcome to it. But they should remember they got to the age of twenty more than twenty years ago.

So I did, Gregster...

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... but Lindsay and I are still in the margins as "Cheerleaders for the Government." Smiling

It was thanks to PC's link to my agency's own website that I noticed a rather embarrassing declaration that myself and my co-writer Olivia were "dyed-in-the-wool National Party Supporters."

I replied to PC's post:

Jameson said...


While it is true I did co-write the National Party campaign I wish to point out a glaring and embarrassing inaccuracy from my own agency, which has only just now been linked to my attention: I have never been nor will ever be a "dyed-in-the-wool National Party supporter." The National Party were fully aware of my - and my co-writer's - libertarian roots and hired us to take down a common enemy: Helen Clark, the greater of the two evils.

My reasons for working with the so-called enemy have been stated many times: to a) get rid of the Clark/Cullen cabal, and b) end the EFA, the most evil piece of legislation to ever pass into NZ law.

The Pond has just informed me that they are making the necessary corrections immediately. Thank you, Peter, for bringing it to my attention.

Au contraire ...

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Clearly you *don't* get it. But you will get it, from me. Evil

Oh I get that no problem

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We will discuss this when you get here.....

Kasper ...

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You really worry me sometimes. Which part of non-initiation of force is a mystery to you? Must I spank you during my upcoming visit to Auckland?


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There is no alternative, there is only one morally correct option - to buy the land from the owner voluntarily.

That should apply to everyone: Government, private company or individual. No exceptions.

Ha, Greg I noticed some of the parallels.

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Interesting article. So what is the alternative and proper means of building an infrastructure over already owned land?
As there does not appear to be any alternative it looks to be necessary to take out peoples land but attempting to be as fair as possible by compensation.
Clyde Damn was built and required the taking out of orchards.
Manapouri Power station which raised the rivers taking out some native bush (which could have been private land) and threatened some farmers land also.
The recent power pylons debate too.

The expansion of the motorways through Hamilton recently.
The expansion and redevelopment of the motorway up north between Orewa and Puhoi all required private land.

What is the alternative method?


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You made it on to PC's blog again!

The copywriter for National’s election billboards in 2008 (“Wave Goodbye to Higher Taxes” – Yeah Right!) attacks National’s Waterview motorway decision this morning

It's your bitch about the

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It's your bitch about the government, Jameson, not mind. I'm just responding. You want me to cheer this?

You still here, Sharia?

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Oh wow, our protectors acting in such a fashion. What a shock!

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