Reagan and Obama -- the surprising link that can make you rich

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From the Motley Fools: Strange Bedfellows!

3 Stocks You Must Buy Before The Next Economic Boom
When Ronald Reagan signed his $750 billion stimulus plan into law in 1981, it snapped the U.S. out of a deep recession and ignited a high-tech revolution... turning individual investors into millionaires practically overnight!
Now President Obama's stimulus plan is even bigger, laying the groundwork for an epic economic boom. The Wall Street Journal calls it "a major win for the high-tech industry." Here's how you can get in early...

No offense to the hardworking people who build our bridges, (I'm certainly not cut out for it), but "trading down" has never been apart of the American dream.

And that's why I'm writing you today.

Because no matter where you stand politically, as an investor, the one thing you can agree on is that we all want to make money.

And right now you can make a very profitable decision... by taking advantage of this rare historical moment, you could build a comfortable lining of wealth for you and your family.

Want proof? Think back to the last time a president signed a stimulus package of this magnitude... It wasn't FDR...

It was Ronald Reagan. The single most important legacy of the Reagan administration -- besides ending the Cold War -- was laying the economic groundwork for the next decade.

Starting with his first $750 billion stimulus plan in 1981, Reagan's efforts to revive the economy pulled America out of a deep recession and paved the way for the high-tech revolution of the 1990s...

But I didn't email you to chest-pound. Instead I'm more concerned with the opportunity that is staring us right in the eyes... the chance to invest in the three companies before billions in stimulus funding rains down on them...

You see, this isn't the rebirth of socialism and the FDR dam-building of the 1930s. Obama's stimulus plan is a vast 21st-century investment designed to catapult America into decades of prosperity...

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