SOLO NZ Press Release: Time to End Racism in NZ

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Submitted by Jameson on Fri, 2009-05-22 07:37

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Open wide Mr Jackson

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Just like Muslims, some New Zealanders do not want to be considered as equal and demand special treatment for their collective umah/whanau. The more the NZ government finances and rewards separatism the faster New Zealand will be heading out, on a quick waka towards a Palestinian type situation courtesy of the pockets of apathetic taxpayer's.

After a lifetime of being held accountable (as a taxpayer) to the incessant whinging and whining of down trodden Mordi, I've had a complete gutsfull of it and I am sick and bloody tired of paying for it.

As for Comrade Willy Jackson. His mouth is the shape of a parking metre, the more he whinges the more he gets fed. This photo from "NZ Stuff" best sums up what I'd like to ram down the collective Mordi throat!

Did you notice how many of

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Did you notice how many of the young Maori men were armed? I forget the name of the weapon - it's not a taiaha, it's shaped more like a paddle.

Anyhow, it's interesting to note the utter silence from the media and Police. I mean, can you imagine if a bunch of protesting white farmers marched carry rifles? There'd be utter hell to pay. But a bunch of Maori protesters carrying lethal weapons? Nothing to see here, move along.

Did well

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to get that in any paper Mark.

Well done, Mark!

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And welcome aboard, Ayrdale. As amusing as your avatar is, we require real photos around here, my friend - we like to look each other in the eye. Smiling

Anti-racist protest...yeah right

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...thank you for that posting. I have shamelessly lifted it up, and carried it away to and added a pro-capitalism twist.

My letter to the Editor in

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My letter to the Editor in the Press today (first one they've printed without any editing).

Blacks in America once had special seats reserved for them; down the backs of buses. Fortunately for every black man and woman in the US today, one brave black woman, Rosa Parks, challenged the entire ethic behind such seats, by sitting up the front, and so starting the civil rights movement. And yet New Zealand Maori seem determined to reclaim those special bus seats back.

Rosa would surely be turning in her grave, trying to keep a wise distance from the Hikoi.

So long as we continue to seek a morality based on the tribe and the collective, and not a morality of man qua man, then we remain forever trapped in a State of barbarism, slaves to the State and the tyranny of the many.

More ...

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He's Minister of Mordi Affairs. The baubles of office and all that. Eye

Dr Pita Sharples

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... is the Maori coalition leader... and he doesn't want the anachronistic Maori seats abolished either.

What does the Government's...

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...Maori Party coalition partner say in all this?

What of the Maori seats in Parliament?

Should they not be abolished to be consistent?

Well observed irony, Callum

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... a snake trying to consume itself.

And a nice quote, Mark - I wish Leighton Smith got the bigger picture all the time. Smiling

I find it amusing that, for

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I find it amusing that, for the Civil Rights Movement, the end of segregation would mean the end of racial inequality -and now, groups claiming to march for "equal rights" say that segregation is necessary to achieve that goal!

Maori Affairs Minister has a good idea

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From The NZ Hearld:


Maori will develop their own infrastructure within Auckland if they are not given seats on the planned Super City, says Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples.

Speaking after today's mass hikoi, Dr Sharples was confident that Prime Minister John Key was still open to ideas and the door was still open.

But he said if Maori seats were not accepted, Maori infrastructure would grow and Maori will have their own capacity within Auckland.

"We're now a major player in the economy in terms of labour and everything around this city.

"If we can't be included, Maori will turn in on themselves and say OK, we'll develop our own infrastructure and we'll be our own source within this city," Dr Sharples said.


Let's hope John Key holds his ground against the racists - and lets the Maori do what they feel they need to do to help themselves - with their own time and money.

Ha ha Glenn

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"If only they put in this much effort at school." Smiling

And though there were hundreds of them out today, not one day's work was lost.

Blacks in the US used to

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Blacks in the US used to have 'special seats' reserved for them, they were down the back of buses. Fortunately for every individual black man and woman in the US today, one brave black woman, Rosa Parks, challenged the entire ethic behind them, by sitting up the front.

The plain and simple truth:
The civil rights movement changed (mostly during the seventies) from a movement that sought equal rights for everyone into a movement that seeks special rights for minorities.

The Face of Racism

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If you say it loud enough it will actually mean something.

If only they put in this much effort at school.

See what I mean.

Support a candidate with this amount of zeal and you won't need to be treated like underprivileged citizens.

Leighton Smith made a good

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Leighton Smith made a good remark.

Blacks in the US used to have 'special seats' reserved for them, they were down the back of buses. Fortunately for every individual black man and woman in the US today, one brave black woman, Rosa Parks, challenged the entire ethic behind them, by sitting up the front.

"Move aside Rodney Hide, give us back our Maori pride!"

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Some Maori simply don't get it. Pride cannot be handed to them on a platter, or allocated in a quota - it has to be earned. They want their place on the council by right of birth - irrespective of their ability to serve the citizens of Auckland - of every ethnicity.

Bullshit wrapped in indignation.

"Not about race, but rights."

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Protesters are chanting "Don't delete Maori seats - what do we want - Maori seats - when do we want it - now."

Racists on the March

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This just in from the NZ Herald...


12.13pm Auckland's central business district has come to a standstill.

Undeterred by heavy rain, thousands of protestors are marching up Queen St, with most calling for special Maori-only seats on the super city council.

Taiaha are being thrown in the air, while haka and songs are being performed, interspersed with chants of "move aside Rodney Hide, give us back our Maori pride," and "when Treaty rights are under attack, stand back, fight back."

Tino Rangatiratanga flags are scattered among banners with slogans such as "it's not about race, but rights."


Not about race, but rights - the right to have Super City Council seats permanently set aside for... oh, yeah, the Maori race.

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