SOLO-NZ Press Release: National Socialists Resurrect Bill Birch

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SOLO-NZ Press Release: National Socialists Resurrect Bill Birch

May 28, 2009

The spectacle of Prime Minister John Key boasting that not one 'entitlement' has been cut in Bill English's budget today is eloquent testament to the fact that the culture of cannibalism thrives as well under National as it did under Labour, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"Mr. English threw Other People's Money at every politically correct cause in sight," Perigo notes. "Mordi this, Pacific Island that, Green the other thing ... The state-run train-wrecks that are education and health: more OPM. The middle-class welfarism that is Working for Families: retained. Borrowing: up. Spending: up. Tax cuts: "deferred" (i.e., abandoned). The government will subsidise Batts in ceilings this year and toilet paper next year.

"The budget was reminiscent of no one so much as Bill Birch, congenitally unprincipled Finance Minister under congenitally unprincipled Prime Minister Jim Bolger during most of the National Socialists' 1990-99 term. Minor tinkering here and there; nothing that might frighten the horses or jeopardise votes; nothing that might remotely resemble National's purported philosophy of shrinking the government and growing freedom.

"Sir Roger Douglas had it right when he observed that the biggest deficit in this budget was the government's deficit of courage and imagination. In a context crying out for a bold assault on the culture of cannibalism, the government has capitulated to it. In a context crying out for slash-and-burn, the government has chosen steal-and-squander.

"Mr. Key taunted Labour Leader Phil Goff as 'Whack-it-on-the-bill Phil,' an advocate of 'Visanomics.' That's accurate enough. But in what respect does John Key claim to differ?

"The only consolation, listening to the speeches of Goff and the likes of Green Socialist Norman and Jim Neanderton, is how much worse it might have been under the old Labour-led coalition. But that doesn't alter the fact that Mr. English’s budget could and should have been so, so much better," Perigo concludes.

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Do you really announce the budget...

Marcus's picture late in the year in NZ?

Everywhere else they do it at the start of the new tax year, in April.

I bet this will have helped Linz to be permanently removed from PC's list, sweet serendipity! Smiling

Great piece Linz, and that

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Great piece Linz, and that means I can work on my own private project now Smiling

I put a link to this from Hickeys, and know from at least one of the comments you're getting traffic from it.

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