Islam vs Peace

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Like Bush, like Obama, when it comes to Islam, which is why the enemy is alive and well and more convinced than ever that it can defeat us. As far as those charged to protect us are concerned, Islam is innocent even if proven guilty, and we the people will pay the price, as always. We did not praise Nazism or Shintoism in WW2; we should not praise Islam now. But that is exactly what our ex-Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, is doing. Which raises the question: If Islam is so great, why did he leave it?

Here's a shortened version of my riff on the anti-reality check of our time, "Islam Means Peace." From my book, ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad


Islam means "Peace in Our Time."

iSlam means PeaCe & Muslims are paciFists

Islam means peace & Keyser Soze means Verbal Kint

Which religion has a doctrine of warfare, begun and practiced by its founder, against all unbelievers, to be waged by the faithful until all mankind submits:

A. Christianity

B. Judaism

C. Buddhism

D. Hinduism

E. Scientology

G. None of the above

If Washington P.C. fought the enemy the way they fight the truth about the enemy.......

We're always told that it's an interpretation of Islam that's the problem. True. Mohammed's interpretaton.

Islam means peace and saying is believing

Islam makes the enemy tick

How Islam spread tells us what Islam means

"Islam means peace" is the equivalent of "Nice doggy..."

Islam means peace, it's 'terror' that's the enemy

From "Allahu Akbar!" to "Banzai!" to "Heil Hitler!" and back to "Allahu Akbar!"

While we keep telling ourselves what Islam means, Muslims keep showing us what Islam means.

If Islam is a dove, why are its feathers so easily ruffled when someone says otherwise?

Telling the truth about Islam and making Islam look bad are one and the same, so the truth itself is seen as an enemy of Islam

Islam means peace and Ground Zero means The Twin Towers

All Muslims seem to be at peace with the calls for violence and murder against infidels found in the Koran

Islam means peace and Muslims love Jews

Western leaders are betting the lives of their countries' citizens that Islam means peace. They want to be both for Islam and for the West. Islam, by contrast, has been and will be for Islam only, until the West is turned East in every way

"Nazism means peace," say Nazi Extremists, Radical Nazis, Naziist Fundamentalists & Moderate Nazis

If Islam meant peace, we could ask, "What if Islam doesn't mean peace?" in peace

The New Resistance: the resistance to know the enemy

The enemy's "dark", "extremist", "fundamentalist", "violent" ideology that our government alludes to but never names is Islam

"Islam means peace" would never have gained traction if we didn't want to believe it

"Islam means peace" translates to "Suckers!" in Arabic

The peaceful Muslim is the reluctant Muslim

"Moderate Muslims" are most moderate when it comes to telling the truth about Islam

Which religion guarantees a place in heaven for murderers?

Islam means peace and Muslims are as critical of their culture as we are of ours

Less Islam = More peace

Islam means peace and being good to bad guys will make them good

Jihadist's are murdering infidels, not because they've twisted the words in the Koran, but because they're acting on the twisted, killer words of the Koran

Islam means peace and the Muslim leader who most embodies that

Islam's so peaceful that we need to told so again and again and again and again.........

What's the difference between Islam and Islamism? 3 letters

Islam means peace and our best, brightest and most honest are in Washington, P.C.

Islam means peace and each and every last one of those sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect the American people have studied Islam as if their lives depended on it and would welcome a thorough pop quiz on Islam anytime, anywhere, to prove it

Islam means peace and Mohammed invented feminism

See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam

"Make your enemy look good," was not one of Sun Tsu's lessons. Nor was "Do not know the enemy."

"Islam means peace" pleases Muslims, and our leaders have decided that pleasing Muslims is their most important value these days, because displeasing them......

Islam means a bloodthirsty kind of way

The Muslim terrorist is a cliche, but only in real life

"Kill the Muslims wherever you find them." If you think that's over the top, then you must also think that the Koran's "Kill the infidels wherever you find them" is as well, and if not, why not?

What kind of religion would a thug create?

Muslim murderers don't represent Muslims, they represent Islam

"....It matters to the security of people here at home if we don't work to change the conditions that caused 19 kids to be lured onto airplanes to come and murder our citizens." - George W. Bush, the man who has helped institutionalize "the conditions" that caused 19 "kids" to be "lured" onto airplanes to kill us by allowing Islam into the constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq

The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren't inferior and that superior cultures aren't superior. It's a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we've set ourselves up to believe something as untrue and dangerous as "Islam means peace"

If Islam means peace, what's there to reform?

What's good for Islam is bad for the world

You want shock and awe? Tell the truth, especially about Islam

The costliest of Bush's bailouts will be "Islam means peace"

We are not safe from the enemy because the enemy is safe from us

I prefer Muslims whose Islamic faith is so deep that it never surfaces

What was a "prophet" doing with a sword?

The war on -error-

The enemy is killing us in the name of Islam and we are not crushing them in the name of Islam

Islam means peace on Planet Hollywood, Planet Washington and Planet Islam

Islam means peace and the Muslim world's contributions to civilization

Things could be worse, imagine if Islam meant war

(C) Bosch Fawstin

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The question's rhetorical,

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The question's rhetorical, but I agree with your estimation of BO, he's a power hungry weakling.

"Which raises the question:

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"Which raises the question: If Islam is so great, why did he leave it? "-because Obama, to paraphrase Salman Rushdi , has less principles than mosquito. He's typical American pragmatist who would adopt any faith, ideology or belief if he thinks that it can help to achieve his immidiate goals which is usually power to rule others.

Thanks, Jameson.

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Thanks, Jameson.

"Things could be worse, imagine if Islam meant war"

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Brilliant sign off, Bosch.

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