TOC: Bill Perry "Retires"

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2006-03-14 21:22

TOC has officially confirmed Bill Perry's departure with the following announcement:


"Bill Perry, The Objectivist Center's director of community relations, is retiring and returning to Arizona.

"After a career as a prosecutor in Arizona, where his family lives, and after trips to our Summer Seminars, Bill retired not to a life of leisure but, rather, to Poughkeepsie, New York to work for us for a while. He started with us in March 2004 and when the Center moved to D.C., Bill agreed to serve another year before really retiring.

"He has been a great help in the transition and in creating a well-organized system for fundraising and keeping in touch with our members. For example, Bill produced the Logbooks that are sent out ten times a year and organized the sponsors' dinner at the Summer Seminars. He even found time to do a fine seminar talk in 2005 on Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher on whom Ayn Rand in part modeled Dr. Huge Akston in Atlas Shrugged.

"He has bought a home near Tucson and late this week will be trekking by car across the country. After a year in Washington, D.C., the belly of the beast, Bill wants to re-connect with the real world. You still might be able to catch him at meetings of the Arizona Objectivists, which he helped found.

"We thank Bill Perry for all he's done for us and wish him the best!"


Last Friday, Bill posted here on the Reisman/Mayhew thread as follows, remonstrating with Mr. Cresswell re the latter's assumptions that Bill shared TOC's position on the Brandens, PARC & related matters:

Well it is true that I work for TOC. But I have resigned effective a week from today. You also assume that I am an opponent of Mr. Valliant's book, but if you have read the threads here carefully you will find that I have encouraged people to read it. In addition Jim Heaps-Nelson mentioned that I encouraged him to read Brian Register's comparison of the two versions of Nathaniel Branden's memoir.
In addition I will not be speaking at or attending the TOC Summer Seminar, as I am an employee until Friday I will not be making further explanations of this right now.

I for one salute Bill & wish him the very, very best. I very much enjoyed his company at TOC-Vancouver, and from the impressions I formed of him, his integrity and staunchness, am not at all surprised at this turn of events.

Come out and say it

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RoR reader, conversational anthropologist, and budding evolutionary scientist Casey Fahy asks of RoR editor Ethan Dawes -- "What exactly can't you understand here, Ethan?"

I'll leave Evan to hack his own way out of the Fahy bush. What I understand is that somebody claims Robert Bidinotto wrote a TOC press release, and that same somebody suggests it is incumbent on others to confirm this for him.

Somebody takes what he imagines to be a correspondence between two statements and assumes the same authorship of both. Somebody dodges the reasonable question 'How do you know?' with the Fahyized equivalent of 'Wouldn't YOU like to know . . . poo-poo head?'

So, instead of plainly saying 'I don't know. I was assuming authorship. Sorry. It could have been someone else at TAWK. I could check that out and see if my premise is sound,' we have dodgy, weavy, dancy, snotty posturing . . . what happened to Forum guidelines demanding good faith?




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And I know some who will be ordering the hard stuff when either Branden mentions "Objectivist community"...

I'm sure....

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... that there is the basis for a good drinking game in there somewhere. Maybe you should empty your drinking-vessel every time Babs mentions rage or enablers...

"Kum-ba-ya, ma Lord..."

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You got it, Linz! I'm warming up my voice right now...

Bill Perry wrote:

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Peace, love, hold hands and sing Kumbaya in my absence.

Holly, this is a must-add to the programme for the Valliant/Perigo event. After Shayne & Casey have done their arm-wrestle or shot each other or whatever they agreed, YOU & Shayne must hold hands & sing Kumbaya.

Don't worry if you don't know Kumbaya. There'll be plenty of TOCites over the road who could teach it to you in an instant.

Here's Your Chance

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Here's your chance to jump on an absurd accusation of dishonesty against... well, go down the list of posters.

The only one that I have

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The only one that I have seen consistent, honest, and objective in this thread is Shayne.

And You?

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So how do you treat YOUR values, Shayne? Inconsistently, or consistently badly?


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"Don't make too much of that."

I didn't make *anything* out of it. But if Casey were consistent, you can be damn sure he would have. Well actually he is consistent: Praise PARC and be applauded; criticize or ignore it and be damned.

You're Welcome

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You are welcome, Bill.

Oh, Puh-Leeeze!

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Ethan, you, too, missed that Casey was toying with our hair-trigger friend?

Good luck Bill. I look

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Good luck Bill. I look forward to meeting you once you are out here in Arizona.

- Jason

Shayne wrote:"I note that

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Shayne wrote:

"I note that Bill Perry chose to join in on the announcement at the RoR site but not here:"

Don't make too much of that. Ed Hudgins made the announcement on ROR because I first announced that I was leaving on SOLO Passion, in the thread about Reisman and _Ayn Rand Answers_. I didn't think I needed to comment again in this thread. Some people made nice comments about me in the ROR thread, so I thanked them in the thread. A number of people made nice comments to me in SOLO mail and I thanked them through SOLO mail.

The most recent nice thing said about me was by Holly Valliant in this thread--thank you Holly!

The movers come in a few hours. I may pop on here briefly tomorrow a.m. I will make an announcement about my future plans on both ROR and SOLO Passion in a few weeks.

Peace, love, hold hands and sing Kumbaya in my absence.


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Do you deny that both statements share the same circular quality -- neither one comes out and says this is Bill's reason for stepping down but suggest that his stepping down was planned from a year ago?

What exactly can't you understand here, Ethan?

Casey Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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Shayne: "How do you guys know that Bidinotto wrote that? What I saw didn't show any authorship"

Casey: "It just had a certain Bidinotto flair."

You have so little credibility Casey.

But I did.

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I did know he said it. You assumed I did not know. THAT was arbitrary. And apparently continues to be your arbitrary assertion now.


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I can't even make a trifling point to you two without getting mired in your weird thinking.

1. It doesn't matter if he said it. The point is that you didn't know whether he did or not before attributing it to him.

2. Slinging mud at Bidinotto for giving a gentlemanly thanks is beyond bizarre and vindictive, it's downright crazed. You're crazed and insane over PARC.

Shayne, he said it!

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Get it? It doesn't matter if he wrote it at one site or not -- he said it himself and gets full credit for saying it and my response to his saying it assumed nothing! I didn't have to assume he said it at TOC, when he said it himself at RoR. YOU assumed I was guessing that Bidinotto said this. I was not guessing. He did. You claim to have read that thread, so you should not have assumed I was guessing. So if your point is that I made a wild ass guess that he wrote the same thing he wrote at RoR on TOC, then what a trifling little point you're actually making here. And you're assuming I'm hellbent on making things up about Bidinotto!

Evidence Means...

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What's "strange," Shayne, is the fact that you cannot see that Bidinotto's post yesterday is some evidence, though hardly conclusive, that he wrote the statement. What Casey correctly observes is that it doesn't really matter -- Bidinortto has endorsed the very idea in question. Yours is a very thin and twisted reed.

Arbitrary means...

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Yeah Casey, it means: Your wild-assed guesses based on nothing except your being hell-bent on hammering TOC and Bidinotto.

Posted wrong place...

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Posted wrong place twice

David Bertelsen's picture


Do you know what "arbitrary" means?

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I think not.

"Squawk, squawk"

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Casey, it's irrelevant. That's the whole point of an arbitrary assertion: it might be true, it might be false, and that's all beside the point. And you still haven't demonstrated that it was true. All you've done is post a nice well-wishing that Bidinotto gave to Bill Perry, and one that Bill Perry seemed to respond positively to (see RoR).

Bob Bidinotto does the gentlemanly thing and wishes Bill well, and you come out with all this crap? You're really, really, strange Casey.

Class Act

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It's also apparent, Shayne, whatever Mr. Perry thinks of TOC, that he is a class act. He has made positive statements about PARC, but he's also still associated with The Branden Center... whoops, well, you know what I mean.

Time to pay the piper

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OK, Shayne, time's up. As you should have known, this is Bidinotto's statement echoing the exact statement above at RoR, YESTERDAY:

"I know I speak for other Center staff members in saying that Bill will be missed. We are grateful for his one-year diversion from his planned retirement, and all the benefits it brought us.

"We wish him all the best on his much-deserved break (however brief) from the philosophical battlefield."-- Robert Bidinotto, 3-14-06, 7:40 am. Posted on the "Bill Perry Retires" thread, RoR.

The next time you accuse me of arbitrary assertions, think twice. It doesn't matter whether he was the author of the statement at TOC, he was the author of the exact same claim at RoR, and claims to speak for others at TOC, as well. I was just curious if he would try to deny writing it for the TOC site. Guess not.

Been there done that

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Casey I've already proved you wrong on countless occasions. And you just don't get the onus of proof thing do you?

Whether Bob actually wrote it or not isn't important to me, I was just curious if this was yet another one of your completely baseless speculations masquerading as if it were fact, and in fact, it is.

This is a perfect opportunity

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To prove me wrong. If you don't choose to take it, I'll assume Bidinotto wrote it since you have direct lines of communication with him. As far as it being arbitrary to think Bidinotto wrote it, I already told you that it is the weasel-worded noncommittal round-about way of saying (but not actually saying) that Mr. Perry retired as part of a plan he made a year ago that made me suspect Bidinotto's handiwork. Especially since Bidinotto is eager to sweep a certain other issue under the rug and pretend it is nothing but a big "yawn."

Of course I might be paranoid about everything involving that issue, as Ethan suggests on the other thread. And it could be settled so easily with a simple email: "Bob, did you write the bit about Bill Perry retiring?"

Because I'm an Objectivist

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I don't ask him because unlike you, I'm an Objectivist--your arbitrary assertions are as if nothing has been said. I'm not going to pester Bidinotto with every arbitrary thing you dream up.

Easy for YOU to find out --

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I don't correspond with Bidinotto.

So why don't you?

"Easy enough to find out"

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Exactly. Easy enough to find out--and yet instead of finding out, you assume he wrote it and on top of that with some kind of ill intent.

I note that Bill Perry chose to join in on the announcement at the RoR site but not here:

Where do your speculations take you now Casey & Linz?

Again, ask him.

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Did he write that? Easy enough to find out. It's the plausible deniability of the writing that smacks of Bidinotto in the first place, so if he's coy about saying whether or not he wrote it, I'll be even more suspicious. If he didn't, though, I'll apologize for my suspicions. So ask him, Shayne.

"It just had a certain Bidinotto flair."

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As I thought.

Ask him.

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It just had a certain Bidinotto flair. But you should ask him who wrote it, Shayne. That should settle the matter.


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How do you guys know that Bidinotto wrote that? What I saw didn't show any authorship.

YOU ...

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... are nothing but a "guttersnipe"! Smiling


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Bidinotto seems to be dancing around something here as he is at labors to suggest Mr. Perry's departure is merely part of a pre-planned but delayed retirement. Since he does not quote Mr. Perry or come right out and SAY this is what is going on, it smells fishy. Of course, if this departure from TOC does have something to do with the 600-lb. gorilla sitting in the foyer, I suppose it would be against TOC policy to mention it, since THAT topic is firmly off limits...

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