FDA To Regulate Tobacco

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Submitted by atlascott on Sat, 2009-06-13 14:54

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

"Foes of smoking can finally exhale. After decades of attempts, the U.S.
Senate and House, by whopping bipartisan majorities and just a day apart,
voted to give the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco."

It is hard to argue against regulations which protect children from themselves.

But here, we have another incremental step towards government empowering itself
to regulate, well--everything. "Saving the Children" is merely a pretext.

With government nationalizing industry and pledging another $1 trillion we do
not have for "health care reform" -- i.e., nationalizing healthcare -- no one
notices the other power grabs and political maneuvers.

Well, some of us do, anyway. Those of us who understand that freedom means the
freedom to smoke (though I do not), even if everyone around us hates it.

The freedom to follow every rule and regulation our politicians can envision
is the surest prescription for tyranny ever devised.

Welcome to Zimbabwe-to-be. Or a nation very much as described by Dr. Leonard Peikoff
in his excellent "The Ominous Parallels."

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"What hope is there when the largest U.S manufacturer of cigarettes, Philip Morris, supports this outrage?"
V I Lenin used to say " Capitalists will sell us the rope, so we could hang them." It seems like Philip Morris wants to supply the rope for free, just to exchange it for few government's favors. The sad reality is that "Atlas Shrugged" will eventually become prophetic novel.

Time for a revolution

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Honestly, if each time one of these bills passed, a bureaucrat faced oblivion, we would quickly find our government less likely to pass this hogwash into existance.

What hope is there when the

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What hope is there when the largest U.S manufacturer of cigarettes, Philip Morris, supports this outrage? By their support not only does Philip Morris seem to welcome further government intrusion it also agrees to pay for that intrusion; the manufacturers will pay the costs of the programme by paying yet another bloody fee.

Obama, of course approves, "I'm proud the House and the Senate have acted swiftly and in overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion that will protect our kids and improve our public health.'

Yeah, while taking away the need for Americans to think for themselves and thus further developing a nation of zombies.

'This is not America'...

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...should become your new national anthem under Obama's leadership!

Yes, We Can

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And I will start to stockpile cigarettes. If you don't smoke, stockpile them anyway, soon they will become a currency, like during WW2. I also would consider stockpiling soap, matches, candles, salt. If they establish socialism in Sahara, soon it will be a shortage of sand. Welcome to Obama brave New World. Yes, We Can!!!

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