(Once again) apologies for my prolonged absence

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Sun, 2009-06-14 04:42

I can't say how much I love and miss SOLO, and while I'm fairly certain my absence was not attributed to any kind of fundamental disagreement with this site, I want to make it absolutely certain it is clear to all SOLO-ists my absence has not been due to anything other than what I can only describe as 'circumstances beyond my control' ... I don't expect to be back in the swing of a regular SOLO presence, either, any time soon unfortunately.

I'm certain the KASSING will continue without me, and I honestly do look forward to once again adding to the KASS before TOO long...!

Thank you all for keeping up the good work!

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Great to see you here again

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Great to see you here again Michael, even if fleetingly.

I hope all your work issues are working out for you ...

Congratulations Kenny!

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I voted UKIP too Smiling

Apologies for my absence too.

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I have not had time to post as my role as European Campaign Director of the UK Independence Party has taken up all my time over the last couple of months.

The result was very good - second place, beating the Labour government and the Liberal Democrats, with over 17% of the vote. When I have a bit more time, I will post a report on the campaign.

Glad you're alive

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I noticed you weren't kicking it about lately.


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Just popping your head through the door to say hi, is MARVELLOUS.

I hope all is well with you?

Yes indeed, the KASSing continues. Linz & Bosch have KASSed themselves senseless of late as indeed have many other SOLOists.

Look forward to seeing you in print real soon.


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