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Remembering Farrah Fawcett

I normally distinguish between celebrities and heroes, because the term has been so abused and made meaningless. But Farrah Fawcett certainly qualifies; not only for her fictional heroic role as Jill Munroe on Charlie's Angels, but for her portrayal of an abused woman in The Burning Bed (I grew up in a house like that, it may as well have been a documentary). Farrah also fought a brave battle against cancer, which was nothing less than heroic. Even at the worst of it, she still kept that heavenly smile. Earth has one less angel tonight. Shine on.

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I was a fan...

Marcus's picture my childhood of 'Charlie's Angels' and thought all three women were beautiful. I think Farah Fawcett was the stand out sexy one though.

Thanks for pointing out the Rand connection Bosch, that was fascinating.

The whole CA thing got tainted years later when they brought out a movie version. For whatever reason, the makers of that film believed that the essence of the entire series was three sexy women who constantly traded on sexual innuendo while kick-boxing the bad guys in their spare time.

I don't think they saw what Rand saw! Oh well, swine - pearls, need I say more?

The Angels

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In one of the Donahue interviews, Rand discusses the reason CA was one of her favourite programmes: "three beautiful women doing impossible things" or words to that effect.

How wonderful is that!

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Thank you Bosch for passing that on.

Needless to say, Rand had exquisite taste Smiling

I never knew either, what a

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I never knew either, what a nice surprise.

Ayn Rand Connection

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Thanks, Bosch. I knew Rand was a big fan, but I never knew they talked.

She was a strong beauty. And

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She was a strong beauty. And here's the Rand connection. From a piece titled 'Farrah's Brainy Side' by Amy Wallace.

Here's the opening:

A recent email exchange with the late Farrah Fawcett reveals the unlikely friendship between the Charlie's Angels star and the novelist Ayn Rand, who helped the actress understand her place in culture—and longed to cast her in a TV version of Atlas Shrugged.


Absolutely Gorgeous

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I have always considered Farrah to be the most beautiful of all.

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