Ayn Rand & Donahue at Madison Square Garden, 1979

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Submitted by William Scott Scherk on Fri, 2009-06-26 20:55

The complete video of the first Rand appearance on the Phil Donahue show has now been made available on Youtube.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

Part five:

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I disagree Marcus

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Not so much with you on the education bit, though I'm not sure whether there's anything wrong with saying some form of education is necessary.

End of pt3, beginning of pt4, she stood her ground admirably in the face of the whole audience seemingly supporting the woman with the insulting question. Another encapsulation of the ease with which she can be misunderstood and misrepresented. If a viewer was not prepared to listen to her explanation, its meaning would be lost and an incorrect opinion gained.

Her ridiculing a woman as Commander-in-Chief wasn't off-the-cuff, she'd written why in The Objectivist.

I liked her body language. To me it impatiently, almost derisorily, challenged "Come on, is there anyone amongst you to give me something to chew on?"

That was Rand...

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...at the most flappable I've ever seen her.

It appeared she said that she wasn't against 'compulsory education', just state-funded education? Which couldn't possibly be her view.
Unless of course she just misunderstood the term 'compulsory eduction' and thought Donahue was talking about parental control of children's education.

There was also the unusual answer about the Woman President, which I had never seen before. Her answer was inconsistent and contradictory.

No wonder she went back again to Danhue, her second interview was much better.

Part four fixed

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Malformed URL, Brant -- and Part four is the one in which she takes on the 'impolite' hippie woman.



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Where's Part IV?


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