Vote 'Atlas' NOW to inject Objectivism into the culture

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Mon, 2009-06-29 23:50

The local Borders is running a poll on "The 100 favourite books of all time," and they want your vote -- an ideal time to gain 'Atlas Shrugged' a prominent place on the Borders's shelves and on the reading list of several thousand readers.

It shouldn't need me to tell SOLOists that getting Atlas and Objectivism into the culture here is the single most powerful thing the culture desperately needs -- and it all it takes you to help that along is a flick of your cursor and a click of your mouse!

Head here to vote, and to send the voting form to all your friends and associates.

Vote early, and vote often. Smiling

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Oh yeah, sorry. I'm a

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Oh yeah, sorry. I'm a dumbarse. Smiling

I'll post it here as soon as it's announced.


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Read before replying. Not my question Sticking out tongue

Head here, young Kaspar

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If you click that link above, Kaspar, or head here to Borders' main site you should be able to vote.


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Where do we see the polls?

"Not exactly literature"

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Oh if it were, you can be sure the book wouldn't even be listed in NZ.

Unless you're looking for the latest novel of a former All Black fly-half, you can pretty much forget the NZ literature section Smiling

To be fair, I'.m not sure

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To be fair, I'.m not sure that either the lack of Ludlum or the paucity of paperbacks at Paper Plus should be considered as demonstrative of local illiteracy.

The latter's shops are not primarily literary, and the former's books are not exactly literature. ;^)

Nonetheless, I hope your father enjoyed his present -- and I trust you'll be voting to help improve our literary and cutural landscape.

And I'm pleased to hear that Atlas is featured around the dreaming spires. Smiling

Funny thing is...

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...that here in Oxford Borders already display Atlas shrugged.

NZ is quite backward in general on the book front.

I ordered Ludlum's Bourne Identity through NZ paper-plus for my Father and it took over 2 weeks to arrive because they had to wait for it to arrive from the United States.

WTF? A classic bestseller like that novel is not even stocked by them?

Time to get those literacy rates back up in NZ, eh?

NZers like to claim that they have a very high book uptake per head of population, but I'm afraid Cookbooks and Driving Atlas's don't really count as reading in Smiling

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