Vaughan Williams "The Lark Ascending"

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Submitted by Jason Quintana on Wed, 2009-08-05 03:30

I am biased on this one -- not because of the violinist or the recording. This is the best version on Youtube though the uploader didn't do a great job encoding it so the orchestral passages don't sound as good as they probably do on the CD.

This is very important music to me. I remember when I was walking around in London a few years ago this was the soundtrack. So it reminds me of everything that is great about that country and that city. Now that we have portable music players like iPods (something that the old people on this site should try) our favorite music can go anywhere with us. It can become the soundtrack of our lives. The latest inner ear and noise canceling headphones can remove a lot of undesirable noise. It is great technology.

The CD I recommend for this and great string music by the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams is this one : . The recordings of Symphonies #2 and #5 with Adrian Boult and the London Philharmonic Orchestra are must haves as well.