SOLO-NZ Press Release: Just Say 'No!' to Apartheid!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2009-08-20 00:12

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Just Say 'No!' to Apartheid!

20 August 2009

The fact that Green MPs Sue Kedgley and Sue Bradford are demanding Rodney Hide's resignation over separate Maori representation on the proposed Auckland super-council is a pretty good indication that Mr Hide is right, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

Mr Hide is threatening to resign as Local Government Minister if the National-led government does an about-face and approves separate representation.

"Judging by the weasel-words emanating from Prime Minister John Key's office, it seems the government is wavering," says Perigo. "National is supposed to be abolishing the separate Maori seats in Parliament. It would be unconscionable to allow such apartheid at local government level.

"The two socialist Sues are urging Mr Hide to resign regardless. These serial Nanny Statists are terrified that Mr Hide will let the fresh air of freedom into New Zealand's Town Halls. What this totalitarian twosome tout as 'local democracy' is simply a ruse by which their ilk get to ban everything they disapprove of.

"Mr Hide is to be congratulated on taking a principled stand. Maori are as capable as anyone else of standing on merit in local body elections. To say in this day and age that they require guaranteed separate representation is outrageously, patronisingly, racist. Maori Party leader Tariana Turia should be ashamed of herself for promoting such redneckery.

"The only reason Mr Hide should be made to resign are his shirts and ties and shaven head, which frighten horses, children and the elderly," Perigo concludes.

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don't we all? Here's hoping ACT has any effect.

We're still waiting for Hide to show some rawhide.


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Thanks for that Linz.

They plan to abolish Maori seats in Parliament? Great news!

I hope Hyde also takes a principled stand on global warming policy too!


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Great press release, Linz.

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