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Submitted by Titan on Mon, 2006-03-20 05:51

Maybe this post should belong under Banter...But what's the deal with Nascar? How utterly boring watching these fast cars go around on an oval track 6 billion times?!?! At least with Formula-1 racing you have track variety and not a damned circle. And those poor Nascar announcers who have to talk about stupid shit for 6 hours to try and keep the tv audience captivated by the constant merry-go rounds of the cars. I found myself getting dizzy and annoyed within minutes. There, I said it.

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I come from a city known for

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I come from a city known for next to nothing but auto racing... Cant stand the stuff.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Oh, yeah so in case anyone

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Oh, yeah so in case anyone is confused about my orgasm statement below, I am a male heterosexual. Alrightie then!

Did you know that Nascar

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Did you know that Nascar spelled backwards is satan?-true! Actually, I enjoy cricket a great deal. Yes I am American, but I aint no redneck, hence my dislike for Nascar races. Now in cricket they're not running in circles for hours on end with constant cautions to break up the fun. The best part of Nascar is the last 25 laps.-maybe I should just watch those, what? BTW, achieving an orgasm after 6 hours is like; About f****ing time!!!

Oh come on. The excitement

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Oh come on. The excitement of sport is either in the tension of a close contest or the thrill of watching the team you support trounce an opposition. I'm sure the same applies in motor racing, even though I personally find it terminally dull. I can't speak for the petrol heads, but I guess the build of tension over a long time (6 hours) can lead to a pretty orgasmic outcome if or when it gets close.

I say all this because if you are an American you'll next be saying something completely ignorant like that cricket isn't the greatest game on earth by a country mile.

Yeah, but the horse, foot,

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Yeah, but the horse, foot, and other races aren't 250+ laps.

What's more...

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I don't want to give the impression that I think there is any merit, skill, or effort required to win a marathon race. Quite the contrary. I just don't think that marathon races translate well to TV. And that is the reason NASCAR is boring - the track isn't the problem.

Short course racing on a circular track can be damned exciting! Take speedway racing for example: motorcycles without brakes are raced for 3-5 laps around a circular dirt or ice track. Another example is horse racing. Anybody bored with the Melbourne Cup? Or what about foot-races under 5,000 m, they can be damned exciting? Was anyone here put to sleep by Peter Snell's or Jack Lovelock's victories at the '64 or '36 Olympics?

Aye it's boring but...

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... NASCAR, like many sports is better seen live than on the TV. The circular track allows you to develop and retain more speed and is wide enough for passing manouvers at any part of the track. The NASCAR formula prevents one car manufacturer from dominating the field, making the driver and his maintenance crew the most important component in a winning team. Then there is the fact that NASCAR draws it's roots from the old moonshine running cars. Indeed, bootleggers featured among NASCAR's first champions.  So there is some merit in NASCAR.

That said, like you I'm not a fan. I like motorcycle and sidecar racing more than car racing. The vehicles are smaller,  you can see the riders  working their machines, they accelerate and decelerate faster than any car and they are small enough that no matter what track size or type the riders can pass one another at any part of the track. The races are normally only 30 laps too so that discourages people from sitting back and biding there time.

And that last point is my biggest problem with NASCAR. 500 lap races are going to be boring on TV, no matter what the formula. I find Le Mans and Bathhurst - where stock cars race on road-tracks - to be sleep-inducing when I see them live on TV.

Just my opinion. I look forward to some petrol-head getting on here and shooting me down... Smiling

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