Dr. Dick Destructs!

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Submitted by Jameson on Sun, 2009-08-30 03:25

I wouldn't like to call it ...

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... between Goode, Parille and Campbell. They are all beyond despicable to the point where it doesn't matter who's the worst.

The part that mystifies me is that they're despicable without scruple. Parille, for instance, 'fesses up to being a "humanity-diminisher" but thinks it's funny. Just as Kennedy made jokes about Chappaquiddick. It's a matter of gleeful pride for these depraved monsters that they are as vile as they are. Are they born with something missing, I wonder?

None of it would matter if these types didn't now run the world. And the next generation of conscienceless airheads chews gum in the wings. For every Kennedy who croaks, there's an Obama stepping into the principle-less void. For every desiccated Goode and even-more-desiccated Scherk there's a Matty Orchard ready to carry the black, flameless torch when those creatures are mortally shriveled by their desiccation. Academia is stuffed full of Campbells, Goodes and Sciabarras. Journalism doesn't exist. "Art" is faithfully vindicating Klee's dictum that it is "shit." "Objectivists" eulogise nihilist film-makers and musos (this is not an allusion to Joe's review of the latest Tarantino film). Folk who profess to embrace SOLO's values proudly tell me in private they intend to do "jack-shit" for SOLO. Verily, 'tis a weird world when reason goes out the window.

I think it's a toss between

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him, Parille and the Prof.

As for the hypocrisy, that's inbuilt in his mysticism. Has he admitted yet to being Christian? Have we nailed him on this one? Don't know, almost given up caring. Does he do it to get his leg over (I was guilty of this in the long past, but finished with them)? Smiling But as I said, the tools to relieve his endarkenment are here and with Objectivism.

Dr Richard Goode Ph.D is a coward and a hypocrite

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He posts a quote by Ayn Rand condemning those who refuse to judge, then refuses to pass judgement himself. When asked point-blank why he won't practice what he's preached he ignores the question altogether.

I ask you, is there a more despicable individual on SOLO than he?

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