Remembering 9/11

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Remembering 9/11

It's been eight years since Islamists attacked the United States and reminded us all of the horrific consequences of a philosophy that celebrates irrationality and, conversely, the importance of a culture based on reason and a morality based on life on this earth.

As we remember the victims of those attacks and the heroes who defend our freedom with their lives, we offer highlights from our archives analyzing the nature of the enemy and the positive ideas with which to counter them.

The Assault on Civilization
By David Kelley
September 13, 2001

Here are David Kelley's thoughts, from days after the attack, on the true target of the assault.

The Intellectual as Barbarian
By Roger Donway
January 29, 2002

It's not only Islamists who fly planes they could never engineer into buildings they could never design or construct who deserve the appellation "barbarian." Roger Donway discusses the elites among us who share the moral premises of the 9/11 murderers.

The War Against Modernity
By David Kelley
May, 2002

David Kelley probes deeper the philosophy of Western as well as Islamic thinkers who would destroy our civilization.

9/11: The Ultimate Philosophy Lesson
By Edward Hudgins
September 10, 2003

Hudgins argues that the nature of two fundamentally contrasting philosophies are best seen in the deeds of their adherents: those who choose reality and reason and thereby build cities and civilizations versus those who immerse themselves in bizarre fantasies and dogmas and thus seek only destruction.

The Means and Ends of Islam"
By Edward Hudgins
July 2005

Hudgins argues that conventional geo-political and economic analysis is not enough to explain what's behind Islamist fanaticism. It's the ideas of the mind-destroying death-worshipers.