SOLO-NZ Press Release: A Message from the Prime Minister

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Mon, 2009-09-14 06:28

SOLO-NZ Press Release: A Message from the Prime Minister

Kia Ora, Taxpayer Bastards

Today I'd like to announce that with the support of the Maori Party, we have reached a compromise on the Emissions Trading Scheme. This will enable the government to withdraw from Labour's proposed full-shaft without so much as a kiss and a cuddle, substituting a far less arduous half-shaft with an optional reach-around.

Power bills will now rise only 5%, fuel by only 3.5 cents, and overall household costs by $165 instead of $330. This should delay the destruction of the New Zealand economy by at least one election cycle.

When I asked my Climate Change Minister, Nick Smith, why prices had to rise at all, he replied, and I quote, "Go fuck yourself, Honky".

All the best.

John Key
Prime Minister Not Fully In Charge

Ross Elliot:

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):

Free home insulation for maori

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Didn't know they had homes off their own back, but:

"At least 2,000 houses owned by Maori are to be insulated by the taxpayer as a result of the deal between the Maori Party and National over the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Maori Party co leader Pita Sharples says that is just one of the concessions made when his party agreed to give National the numbers to pass the new ETS into law.

Dr Sharples says it is a significant breakthrough for Maori who cannot afford the $3,500 they would need over and above the Government grant. He says 500 houses in Northland will be fitted out, 500 on the East Coast and at least a thousand in other parts of the country.

Dr Sharples accepts a rise in benefits to cushion the blow to households of the ETS is now off the negotiating table. It appears he was confused with the automatic increase, which is adjusted for inflation."

Thanks John Key, you racist.

Will Hide walk away from the National coalition?

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Or will he just protest and then Hide his head in the sand?

Unlikely that Act will take a stand against the Government on the ETS given that they already favour a 'carbon tax and subsidy' system.

What a shame.

ACT Disappointed At Latest ETS Deal
Posted on 14 Sep 2009

ACT Leader Rodney Hide is disappointed at the Government’s latest deal on the Emissions Trading Scheme because of the massive costs it will impose on ordinary New Zealanders.

"It makes no sense at all to impose extra costs on everyone without delivering any advantages to New Zealand," Mr Hide said.

"There is no need to act until 2012. It’s stupid for New Zealand to be attempting to lead the world. The best result would be a low level carbon tax, exempting trade exposed industries, such as agriculture.

"The deal announced today with the Maori Party shows that the Government is foolishly rushing to impose greater costs without identifying any benefits at all."...

"As we conclude in our Minority Report, we agree that New Zealand should be seen to be willing to play a part in any fully international effort to reduce global climate emissions. A low rate carbon tax and subsidy scheme is a more appropriate initial step, with any advance from there dependent on the advance of scientific knowledge and on a fully international effort to reduce emissions.

ACT agrees with the Treasury view that current proposals are based on a best-case scenario, do not adequately recognise a number of risks, and that they will impose higher costs on New Zealand than will be imposed on other countries.

ACT doubts that the gross emissions target is achievable for New Zealand given how far above 1990 levels emissions are projected to be in 2020 and the evident unwillingness of New Zealanders at large to incur real costs for no demonstrable benefits. Such targets merely perpetuate the empty political gestures of the past decade."

Funny fucker

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Nice one, Ross. Smiling

The smiling twat

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That bastard is using this country as a plaything.

He's sucking up to Helen Clark's "respectability" at the UN, as if her move to higher heights of parasitism is some kind of positive achievement.

This penis-free PM doesn't read the public sentiment correctly here. We know it's a con, and now he stands as Chief snake-oil salesman.

Fuck You John Key

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"Not fully in charge" Ross?

John Key and his government are in charge of parents, regardless of an over whelming majority which tell him and his government to BACK OFF!!

Superb PR by the way Ross.

Yes, Greg...

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...that's the reach-around Eye

Fuck you John Key.

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Fuck you John Key.


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Further work will be done with the Maori Party on an extension to the energy efficiency assistance for low-income households, promotion of afforestation, biodiversity protection, recognising the Treaty relationship in ongoing climate change policy and on Treaty settlement issues arising from the ETS.

Add this lot into it.. FUCK YOU JOHN KEY

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