"Second Renaissance Rock?" or "Rach Ripped-Off?"

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Submitted by Jmaurone on Thu, 2009-09-17 04:14

I Belong To You (+ Mon Ceur S'ouvre A Ta Voix)-(Particularly, the part at Approx. 2'10 to 4'10)

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That's a beautiful piece of music -- the original, I mean, not this whiny simulacrum. ;^)

It's inspired me to put on this very nice version I've got right here sung by Rita Gorr with Jon Vickers. Aaaaah. That's better.

Modern composers

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That reminds me conversation between 2 students in composition class
1st-"What should I do? My teacher fails me all the time?"
2nd “That simple. Take your teacher's music and rewrite it from the end to beginning"
1st “I tried just that and what I’ve got are waltzes of Schubert."


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Exogenesis Symphony

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From the same album, RESISTANCE, by Muse. A three-part "symphony."

Part 1: Overture

Part 2: Cross Pollination

Part 3: Redemption (aka "Wannabee Moonlight Sonata...")

Credit given

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The band has credited the original composer.

Ripped off. Unforgivable.

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Did not know that, thanks. I did mean "Rach" figuratively though, as in the second-handed appropriation of the style (Mock Rach?) versus a true synthesis; the whole album has touches of this...and besides, Saint-Saens just doesn't rhyme as well. Sticking out tongue

'Mon Coeur ...'

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... is an aria from Samson et Delila by Saint-Saens, English title Softly Awakes My Heart. Music AND lyrics are a straight steal from 2' 10" to near the end. I presume it's kosher since it's so blatant.

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