Once Were Warriors

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Submitted by Jameson on Sat, 2009-09-19 03:50

On the eve of the All Blacks' worst ever result in the Tri-Nations, I was at once cheered and made melancholic by this video that a friend recommended I watch.

Christian had the heart of a lion and the feet of Mercury, but he wasn't the only star on that team; they were all heroes, inspiring a nation with their gritty resolve and matching-winning ingenuity. It was an era, now almost forgotten, when we never sweated a deficit in the dying minutes of a match—we always knew they'd find a way through the line.

This may seem a trifle to those who don't like sport. But what we're witnessing today, on the battleground of our national sport, is a reflection of the gutless nation itself. Gone are the hard men, replaced with a generation of slack-jawed New Age wimps. Gone is our will to win, replaced with a head hung low and a tail between our legs. Political correctness has pulled our boys out of boot camp and pushed them into bible camp for lessons in loving thy brother, thy neighbour and thy enemy.

Until we stop worrying about everyone's feelings, we won't start thinking. Until we start thinking we'll remain blind to that oncological malaise called mediocrity.

[hat tip: Hugh Walsh]

Australia made us look good

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Though nothing can be taken away from Jane, Joe, Thorne, Nonu, and Dan. Thanks lads, for restoring an iota of faith. If we play like that at the next Cup we should at least make it to the semis. Smiling

Not too shabby

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The AB's played like warrior kings tonight, compared to when they suffered a solid pasting from the Bokke.

It's a shame it's over...I would have loved to have seen a few clashes between the "new improved" AB's and the Bokke


Trust them?

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I'm sensing John Mitchell all over again, x 3.

Fuckers! I'm infuriated. How dare they screw it up so badly. After 2003. After 2007. I'm pissing blood.

Lindsay, if you can recruit DC onto your team, I'll join as well.


Yes ...

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The coaches didn't look like robots for once. Most of the time they've been infuriatingly in denial. Henry's just reverted to form in the post-match interview. I still don't trust them.

Danny Boy got 18 of the 33 points. He can bounce off *my* post any time.

It was a win, and a relief

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The Wallabies were less than impressive. Enough said about them.

Brad Thorn is a true professional hero, and played as such. A wonderful man. Cory Jayne had a great game, as did the forward pack. DC bounced a couple in and will surely consider he gave an average account of himself.

Anyone notice how animated the coaches were? Hanson jumped for joy a couple of times. And so he should have; his comments about the lineout this past week have been less than edifying. It's his responsibility as forward coach to make sure it's right. He failed this season.

Once Again Warriors

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Once Again Warriors

Welcome back, All Blacks!

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Luckily they read SOLO before going on the field!

They caught the ball.

They won the line-outs.

They didn't mindlessly kick.

They went on the offensive from the first second. They had the Wallabies on the back foot 95% of the time.

They KASSed!

They won.

They played as though it were their last match ever.

"I sing each word as though it were my last on earth."

Welcome back, All Blacks whom we know and love!!

The ABs could win

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I was impressed with the comeback in the last game. If they can play the full game in that manner it will be good.

Mediocrity ...

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... is also enshrined in that ghastly twanging and whining overlaying these clips. It's everywhere you turn.

Hoping for some warrior from the ABs tonight, but know to expect the worst.

Linz Boot Camp is open! Spread the word!

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