Two Clips

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Submitted by Adam Gold on Sun, 2009-09-20 22:41

One old, one new:

"How Obama Got Elected."

Video clip excerpt from John Ziegler's documentary "Media Malpractice." These are interviews with Obama supporters prior to the election. The poll was created and conducted by the Zogby polling company at Ziegler's own expense.

New audio clip of Mark Levin interviewing ESPN sportscaster Steven A. Smith about Obama.

Much as I admire Mark Steyn, I disagree with him that the election of Barack Hussein Obama indicated a "sea change" in the country from center-right to center-left. Except for those who are philosophically aware of ideas and out to recognize them for what they are, it seems that many BHO supporters -- maybe the majority -- were fooled into voting for him. They were fooled by BHO himself, misrepresenting by both omission and commission what his real agenda was; and his misrepresentation was enormously helped by a compliant press.

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