Chicago Northside Objectivist Group

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Submitted by katdaddy on Sat, 2005-12-03 22:02


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am staying onboard and we will have our regularly scheduled get together on Saturday, Dec.17 at Clarkes Restaurant. Our Meetup membership was due to expire this month but I was in an unusually generous mood and paid our Meetup dues for the next six months as a gift subscription to the group in order to keep the outreach going.

I know that things seem rather confusing with SOLO spinning off into two sites, I've started my own forum and we are also still affiliated with Meetup. We've actually had a couple new people sign up through that site recently and they have wonderful tools for promoting our Chicago Northside group.

I would like to keep our group going and meeting monthly. I would also like to stay affiliated with Meetup, RoR and SoloPassion. Our group simply is not big enough to split into three or four pieces. I'm just not exactly sure what to call this club at this point. Ideas?

IL Coordinator for all of the above

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Meeting Notice

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Here is the latest information on the Chicago/Evanston Group. We will be having pizza and discussing Return of the Primitive. See the Meetup site for more details.

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