SOLO-NZ Press Release: Key Tackles G

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2009-10-09 09:58

Hon John Key

Prime Minister

8 October 2009

Tackling G
Novotel Hotel, Auckland

Thank you for being here.

Let me acknowledge my Ministerial colleagues.  Let me also acknowledge our serving police officers, customs officers, treatment providers, community workers, volunteers, that ghastly attention-whore, grandstander and failed father Paul Holmes, and all of you who pretend to care deeply about New Zealand.
It is my privilege to regularly meet with groups like this one to celebrate some of the success stories of our country. 
Today my speech has a different purpose.  I want to talk about a problem that is wrecking lives, wrecking families and fuelling crime.
I’m here to speak about “G”.  G for Grossly overGrown Government. Nanny Statamine, ice-fascism, crystal-communism.  Call it what you will.
Everyone in this room knows something of its horrors.  Some of you will have family members or friends who have struggled, or who are still struggling with it.  All have heard stories about the harm it does.
‘G’ is a seriously addictive, viciously destructive drug. It’s hugely damaging to those who take it and the people who share their lives. It comes hand in hand with violence. It allows gangs and organized crime (Parliament) to flourish. It entices young people into criminal careers as politicians or bureaucrats, bossyboots and busybodies. 
G hurts not just users and their families but also law-abiding New Zealanders who suffer from the crime it creates. 
To fuel their habit, many G addicts steal from others, typically stealing $1840 worth of taxpayer money each month to fuel their habit. They also finance their habit by dealing G in our communities, with a typical G user receiving up to $5100 a month as a teacher in our schools, preying on our children and loved ones. 
Sadly, G is a very New Zealand problem.  We have one of the highest proportion of G users in the world.   
Some say we can’t fight it. It’s been around too long. The gangs will never give up. National, Labour, the Greens, the Mordi Party, ACT, Geoffrey Palmer ... they're entrenched. There’s nothing we can do. 
I don’t accept that. 
We will confront the G problem.  We will take the samurai sword to G.
My speech today will outline our plans for doing that.
My announcements draw on the work of a cross-dressing taskforce that has been led by my Department of Freedom for the past four months.
It’s called on the best experts available, including my Chief Scientist, Professor Sir Timothy Leary. It’s involved people who have been battling G for years, including Sir Nandor Tanczos and Dame Lindsay Perigo.
I have valued the input of Associate Minister of Health Sir Peter Dunne as we have put this plan together. He is delegated with responsibility for the National Drug Policy and he will have a critical role in making our plan against G work. After a good shot of P he was unstoppable. Not to mention unrecognisable.
I set up that taskforce with a clear mission.  Tell us what we can do to tackle G.
The resulting government action plan on Nannystatamine contains a comprehensive set of policy changes.
Let me share its highlights.  Our plan has five main prongs:
We will restrict access to the precursor chemicals G is made from, especially powerlustedrine, found in cough mixtures.

We will use new powers to break drug supply chains by attacking the gangs and criminal organisations that make, supply and distribute G. All government department buildings and political party headquarters will be burned to the ground.

We will ensure more G addicts get the treatment they need to quit by removing their welfare benefits.

We will encourage families and communities to stop people from becoming G users in the first place.

We will provide the leadership needed to ensure that agencies charged with the responsibility for tackling G get results.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t see the announcements I have made today as the conclusion of all that we will do on G.  These are critical steps.  But if further action is warranted, we will take it. 
But I’m also realistic about how big the problem is.
I’m not going to claim that when this plan is fully rolled out G will be stamped out for good.  I’d love to promise you that, but I can’t.
Throughout the world, wherever leaders have promised to stamp out drug use altogether they have found that to be an elusive goal.  Because politicians and bureaucrats are notoriously adaptable. 
That’s why we have to come at the problem from all directions.  By cracking down on precursors, breaking supply chains, providing better routes into treatment, supporting families and communities and strengthening leadership and accountability.
None of these steps will work in isolation. 
But I am confident that, taken together, they will make a difference.
That difference will save lives.
It will reduce the amount of G in our lives.
It will give families hope.
It will make G dealing harder for gangs such as political parties. 
It will make our communities safer.
It will free people from the pain of dictatorship. 
If we can make progress towards those goals we will make this country freer.
We can make that progress, we will make that progress, and that’s why I’m proud to be tackling G.
I look forward to working with you to do that.     
Thank you.  
Media Contact: Kevin Taylor 027 600 5619
Paula Oliver
Press Secretary - Office of the Prime Minister
9th Floor the Beehive I Wellington NZ I +64 4 817 9821 (ddi) I +64 21 243 9821 (cell) I +64 4 4998379 I (fax)I

Lindsay Perigo:

G is actually a fairly abused drug?

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Its nasty shit too.


"Club scene or "rave"

Since the 1970s club scene, club-goers have used a range of drugs to enhance their experience on the dance floor such as amyl nitrite "poppers" and cocaine; in the 1990s, newer "club drugs" became popular, such as ketamine and Ecstasy (MDMA). Like these other "club drugs," GHB is taken because users feel that it enhances the experience of being in a club or at a party; small doses of GHB are thought to act as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. GHB is sometimes referred to as liquid ecstasy or liquid X due to its tendency to produce euphoria and sociability and its use in the dance party scene.[30] Despite this nickname, GHB is not related to actual Ecstasy (MDMA), either in chemical form or pharmacological form.
[edit] Date rape

The drug has been identified as a date rape drug,[5] much the same way as alcohol and Rohypnol. It has a salty taste, but as it is colourless and odorless,[29] it has been described as "very easy to add to drinks"[29] that mask the flavor. GHB has been used in cases of drug-related sexual assault, usually when the victim is vulnerable due to intoxication with a sedative, generally alcohol.[31] However it is difficult to establish how often GHB is used to facilitate rape as it is difficult to detect in a urine sample after a day, and many victims may not recall the rape until some time after this.[32][33] However cases of GHB being used as a date rape drug is quite rare, see the Date rape drug article for more information.

Pseudo-GHB (in the fashion of crack freebase coke), produced as a sodium salt (sodium oxybate), may provide a noticeable salty character to the drink, although individual sensitivity to the taste of salt varies.[34] GHB can also be produced as different salts, some of which may not have a taste as distinctive as the sodium salt (e.g., magnesium oxybate), or much less commonly in the unstable free-acid form.[35]"

In case it's not clear ...

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That's his actual speech. I just tweaked it slightly. Eye

KASS Piece Linz

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I do like the way you have described the current members the G.... as what they all are.

A bunch of National Socialists.

Great stuff again!

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Perfect antidote to the statist hell the whole world seems to be embracing... and rewarding with Nobel Peace Prizes....

Ironically, David Cameron paid lip-service...

Marcus's picture combating G and promoting R at his party conference yesterday.

But isn't this like asking the communists to stamp out socialism, not likely is it?

David Cameron: 'responsible society' and end of 'big government'

David Cameron today promised to create "the responsible society" by rolling back the culture of big government bureaucracy installed during Labour's 12 years in power.

08 Oct 2009

..."If we cut big government back, if we move society forward and if we rebuild responsibility, then we can put Britain back on her feet," Mr Cameron said.

"I know that today there aren't many reasons to be cheerful. But there are reasons to believe.

"Yes, it will be a steep climb. But the view from the summit will be worth it." ..

They'll understand this

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Very good Mr Perigo. Very funny too.

And the Gs know it too. I was talking to three ex-soldier pilots in Claddagh Newmarket tonight. We all agreed Key is as arrogant as Clark and is using this country as a toy - the compromise King.


Ross Elliot's picture killing our communities.

I fully support this initiative.

Nicky Smithy, Minister in Charge of Fuck All

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