Climate porn campaign drowns dog for £6m

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Submitted by Lance on Mon, 2009-10-12 01:50

It's not Halloween, but a new climate change TV advertising campaign that begins tonight, which features a young girl watching a dog drown.


Do these people not stop, look at what they are doing, and think "are we the baddies"?

All SOLOists - get in behind!

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Hi there,
You and your readers might like to help with this:
Anti Emissions trading petition. A couple of sheep and beef farmers farming off the East Coast of the North Island of NZ have started this petition. Please download and get signatures and return by November 6th.


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Adult-onset original environmental sin!


"I guess no one listens to her."

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I meant that comment based on the premise of the speech.

Now that she is an adult, she is one of the guilty sinners who squandered her children's future.

Environmental Armageddon has not been averted, ipso facto, she is responsible according to her 12 year old incarnation.

About 30

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She's about 30 now and graduated from Yale in 2002. She's Severn Suzuki and she gave her talk at Rio in 1992 at the age of 12. I suspect she wrote the thing with some minor editorial help from her parents. She's still doing this crap. I couldn't listen to the whole video; it hurt my brain.


That definitely qualifies as climate porn...

Marcus's picture what was her advice to the world?

Don't be so greedy and consume the (nice) things you say you want - whatever those are.

Good speech, but I doubt she wrote it herself.

Now she's in her forties, and no longer a child, I guess no one listens to her.


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Pitiful and believably unbelievable. The culture of Molock. Throw in the children and this girl comes out the other side. At least she came out.

Throwing on more (propanda) to stoke the fire

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Swedish lesbians suck sperm banks dry

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From the same page.

I might volunteer. Cut out the middleman if ya catch my drift.


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