Taxpayer Funds Felons’ Funerals?

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Submitted by PhilipD on Wed, 2009-10-21 10:34

Justice Minister Simon Power’s recent decision to increase financial aid to the families of homicide victims seems to have met with almost universal approval. And it would be difficult to begrudge a family that extra cash considering the heart breaking hardship that they must go through, wouldn’t it?

But wait for the outcry when some thuggish, cowardly, and likely retarded Head Hunter's gang member slays another equally thuggish, cowardly, retarded rival from the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Tribesmen, Highway 61 or some other such childishly named gang. Listen then for the howls of outrage, not for the loss of some brutal, thieving, raping hooligan- I for one will applaud that- but for the fact that the family of this piece of dirt will start collecting the cash.

That would be cash of up to $10,000 for burial costs and possibly a discretionary ‘financial difficulty’ grant of $5000. And that would be $124 per day for five adult members of the dead thug’s family to attend court proceedings. Of course we know that in a case like this the money will go to a dysfunctional family made up of several generations of drug-addled criminals, bludgers, and psychos. And we know that this whanau wouldn't have given a damn previously about the thankfully now departed mobster. They would though, of course, gratefully accept their sudden cash windfall.

Power and his government could and should stop such an abomination from being possible; by turning back Nanny-state and allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money I’m certain that New Zealanders would look after deserving families with more cash and empathy than the bureaucrats ever could. Equally, too, I’m certain they would tell any such family-of-scum to bugger off and look after their own.

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"Taxpayer suckers" - Key

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You observe things perfectly from afar Philip.

Key's government is proving to be just the thing for the times. The compromise king he is. (I shouldn't need to point out that compromise is inherently evil.)

When the idea of the Mordi TV bidding for the World Cup rugby rights came up, what did Key do? He said "No," it's gotta be watched by all! "We'll extract funds from all for this purpose." So, after a typical decision by committee, all three channels get to show it. What a joke! The taxpayer will be forced at gunpoint to watch the All Blacks get beaten whether he likes rugby or not.

The Key shambles rolls on..

and: I have said here before that Key is only there to fulfill a childhood whim. He is not the kind of man who wishes to make a difference. He's no Reagan, he's no Douglas, he's more a Rowling, pathetic.

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