"A rank bitch and #1 Rand-diminisher" speaks of the Goddess

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Submitted by William Scott Scherk on Fri, 2009-11-20 21:16

ReasonTV's Youtube channel features a variety of evil subhumans and slightly less dire libertarian mouthpieces, all under the rubric of Radicals for Capitalism.

Some might doubt the justice of Lindsay Perigo's description of Barbara Branden as the Number One Diminisher of Ayn Rand; others might agree with the definition, but long to find the smoking gun -- in Branden's own words.

Here is ReasonTV's excerpt of Branden tearing into Rand, complete with made-up quotes, sleazy insinuations, vile psychologizing, and bogus conclusions. Much can be found in this one excerpt that exemplify the Branden need to tear down Rand.

Those who can stomach listening to Barbara Branden's lies and distortions should also take a look as the savaging Rand was subject to at TAS (The Appeasement Society)'s grotesque 'celebration' of the 50th anniversary of the publication of Atlas Shrugged.

A concentrated blast of the kind of of Rand-diminution that brings on passionate rejection by our Principal. The speaker: why, the same low-life scumbag, Barbara Branden.


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Haha, DRM

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Barbara who?

Seriously now, I mean what has the woman ever done? Except set the common apprehension of Rand back twenty years or so.

Scherk, you need to get a

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Scherk, you need to get a life. That, or change your medication.

Case in point ...

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As for those who also applaud Barbara Branden alongside Lindsay, because they do not denounce her in their next breaths, they become a cohort of slimy, dishonest fucks.

That is not the reason you are a slimy dishonest fuck. The reason is slimy dishonest statements like the one above. Your stock-in-trade in all the years you've been here.

Positive? You want "positive"? Gimme a break. When was the last time you were positive about anything or anyone except Obama?

See the challenge on the other thread, Scherk. Quit the strutting smart-assery and give it to us in one compact, succinct, non-ostentatious fell swoop: "My Objections to Objectivism."

Applause for the Number One Diminisher

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Peace seldom descends on the Objectivist ground of contention. There are, however, some times when the varied objectivist tribelets unite, or nearly unite.

When it is time to salute Ayn Rand, to defend her against attacks from the ignorant, the differing streams come together in a common tongue.

Barbara Branden speaks in that language, speaks of Ayn Rand with love and admiration and so is applauded by Lindsay Perigo. Although the weight of Mrs Branden's sins and crimes are heavy in his mind, he can still give due where due. That's positive.

In another tiresome thread, we are asked to be mindful of the need for heroes, of the pressing need to raise up, praise, glorify. And yet, even while these wonderful calls to positive risings still ring in our ears, we hear vituperation. Our Principal can praise Branden for her loving admiration, yet still call her the Number One Diminisher . . .

She is both -- the witness whom the SOLO court applauds, and a vile, irredeemable wretch.

If one hand proffers praise, the other denunciation. The well-spoken witness for Rand. The sewer-dweller.

As for those who also applaud Barbara Branden alongside Lindsay, because they do not denounce her in their next breaths, they become a cohort of slimy, dishonest fucks.

Yet, these slimy fucks are still invited to play.



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I'm applauding with you.


Um ...

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Obviously I applaud what Babs says here, as the dishonest Scherk would know full well. Scherk affects to forget I am well familiar with this Babs, both in person and on radio. If that were all she ever said, if she didn't then obsess with the "weaknesses" and utter outright smears, including against me, I'd have no problem with her.

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