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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Sun, 2005-12-04 00:59

Lindsay's vocalisation of his opening address has given me an idea. Perhaps we could have a forum entitled "SOLOists Speak" where those of us who feel so inclined can upload a short reading of a favorite passage from Rand's writings or anything else that takes our fancy.

Avatars are nice but the voice conveys so much more of who we are than mere static pictures.

I'm sure we all have mics and the ability to use them. Good idea? Or be SOLOists a shy bunch?


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Me in the raw?

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I assure everyone here that I'm not much to look at "in the raw". My skinny frame is not all that attractive Smiling

- Jason

Ross wrote:"We had a Prime

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Ross wrote:

"We had a Prime Minister with the same problem, Matt. His name was Jim Bolger and on more than one occasion, at public functions for overseas visitors, his accent would change to that of his guest's."

That's funny. I was recently watching Tony Blair do a special guest appearance on a football/soccer chat show. As the interview went on he started to develop a glottal stop (i.e. he dropped the t sound in words like bottle). It got worse the longer the interview went on.

The whole performance was cringe-worthy.

I see what you mean. Yes, it

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I see what you mean. Yes, it is possible to do that. I think a SOLO podcast channel with it's own forum will fulfill your requirements.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Stay tuned! Smiling


Sure, Julian, but I was

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Sure, Julian, but I was thinking more along the lines of a forum specific to spoken passages, not just a bunch of uploaded files on a thread.

Audio files can be attached

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Audio files can be attached like other files. Just go for it! Smiling

Meanwhile, I am looking into creating a proper SOLO podcast, with all the bells and whistles. I can't promise a date, but soon.


P.S. Images can now be inserted inside the body of a comment or story, by using the (+)snapshot icon underneath the text input box.

Obviously Movie Ratings Mean Nothing Here

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I am *not* agreeable to going up in the raw! Although the Jason Q. thing makes it pretty tempting.

OK ....

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Jeff, I'll do a deal with you. If Ashley is agreeable to going up in the raw, we'll do it. As long as Jason Quintana agrees to do the same. (Jesus, wait till Homofobe Phirehammer reads this!! Smiling)

In the raw

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Thank you for that, Linz. Now gentleman, can we get back to the topic at hand? That is, Ashley in the raw?

Sheesh. Some people have such a difficult time staying on point.

"Artistic nudity" ...

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We've survived Robert Malcolm in the raw. We can survive anything.

Jeez, surrounded by Aussies

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Jeez, surrounded by Aussies & Welshmen. All you need are a few Poms & a Yarpie or two and the misery will be complete! Don't forget your secret weapon against the Aussies: Kiwis 24 - Kangaroos 0, zilch, nada, zip, NOTHING!! Save it for the right moment. I'm torturing a few with it myself. They *loathe* me Smiling

Slack Caps

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You don't know the half of it. In the summer I play cricket with an Aussie in a Kansas City league. He'll be bloody insufferable come Monday - Brett Lee with figures of 3 4 5 6!!! 3 wickets, four maidens, five runs off six overs.

Bugger it all, even Bangladesh beat the Aussie team once this year!!! Thank god the All Blacks won - otherwise I would have gotten stick from the Welshman who's also in our team.

Christ I need another beer!!! Sad

Perhaps we should get you

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Perhaps we should get you into the Black Caps, Robert. God knows, you wouldn't do any worse than the present bunch. In case you're unaware, Aussie whipped us by 150 runs yesterday Sad

Ah, women & booze. The

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Ah, women & booze. The perfect combination Smiling

Let's see if this works then...

Robert's picture

Their beer also caused me to hallucinate...


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"Code-switching" is the term I would use, although typically code-switching refers to switching back and forth between languages or dialects in which two people are fluent. But I suppose if you have some competence or familiarity with another language or dialect you can still code-switch, it would just be more unusual.
I would never say that I do it unconsciously, but I am able to use Standard American English dialect if I need to, although I typically speak in my thick drawl even professionally.
At my house we have "BAE" (Baked American English) which is how Meghan sounds when she is partaking of the herb.

You could try using an tag

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You could try using an img tag around the url for the pic.

Oh, that Kate!

Yeah, parroting is a funny

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Yeah, parroting is a funny thing. When my sister gets drunk she speaks with an Australian accent. I just slur Smiling Ash, what's the technical term for that type of thing? (not the drinking, the speech)

Yep, that's right, Matt. I'm

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Yep, that's right, Matt. I'm sure Duncan, et al, are aware of it.

Also, when you switch to rich text, the font size goes down alarmingly.

HTML quirks.

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The HTML the site is generating isn't quite correct; it's not inserting paragraph tags, and the <code> tag isn't being processed correctly.

Images and problems with line breaks

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Maybe it's just me but the text editor doesn't appear to recognise when I want it to begin a new paragraph. All my posts appear as one big block of text no matter how many times I hit enter to introduce a line between paragraphs. Is there something wrong with the way I type?

(see!) And how do you add images to these posts? There doesn't appear to be an uploading facility.

Yes! I remember that

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Yes! I remember that Smiling

Glad you think it's a good idea. Now all we need is co-operation from the webmaster & some SOLOists with backbone Smiling

Not hard for me.

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I can believe it, given that when I spent a month in England, my accent started to go native after about two weeks. After a year of marriage to my wife Catherine, people believe that we're both from abroad until I explain that I'm from New York.

We had a Prime Minister with

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We had a Prime Minister with the same problem, Matt. His name was Jim Bolger and on more than one occasion, at public functions for overseas visitors, his accent would change to that of his guest's. Hard to believe but true.

Get a mic!!

Well, if it's tastefully done...

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Well, if it's tastefully done it shouldn't scare anybody away. Perhaps if you were lying in a sunlit bed on your belly, with a sheet covering you from the waist down? Nothing wrong with artistic nudity, right?

Hmm... I'd have to buy a mic.

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I could get a mic and set it up, but I'm not sure I should inflict my mongrel New York/English/Australian accent on the rest of you. My habit of dating foreign girls led to their accents rubbing off on me. Smiling

Ashley is Rated G for General Audience

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what - reading them naked? Maybe we could win over a few for O-ism. Or have them run away screaming.

Jeff, does this mean you have one of those new VIDEO ipods?? Tell me everything.


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I concur. I think nude photos or video of Ashley would tell ever so much more about her character, though. Don't you agree? She could upload a .wmv file with her reading portions of The Fountainhead!

Oh yeah, baby

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Being a diehard fan of the nzer accent, I heartily support this idea. Ross, it reminded me of trying to make the voice feature work on our old chat thing! So much fun!

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