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Submitted by Callum McPetrie on Wed, 2009-12-02 08:01

I am sad to report that libertarian blogger Annie Fox (Anna Woolf) passed away today at 12:05 pm.

Her courage and strength were a source of inspiration for the entire Kiwi blogging community.

May she rest in peace.

Thanks for putting this up

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Thanks for putting this up Kasper. It's good to know how it went.


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It was a moving funeral today, one that I think dignified Anna very well. I have only met her a few times and I found that what I saw was what I got. An honest, grounded and brave woman with a strong integrity. Radical in her views, one with a heated temper but also funny, benevolent and warm.

The funeral had a large turn out today at the North Harbour Stadium in Albany. Anna was dearly loved by both her family and her friends. Many people who read her blog or met her over the internet also attended. It was lovely to see that her death wasn't hijacked or clouded by "feel good hocus pocus or positive thinking shysters". Her wonderful life came to an end and now to the dust she returns.

We learned a lot about her. The speeches from family and friends followed a timeline. We learned about Anna from a little toddler, to child, to adolescent to young adult hood till recently. Her individualism, her integrity and commitment as an employee, her dedication, passion and ambition in the libertarianz party, her time spent living with Carol and Peter at the Castle, her evenings with her friends laughing, crying and debating. Her rapport with almost anybody she came into contact with except for pets—for some reason she loathed pets.... a sentiment I identify with strongly Eye

I did not know Anna

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however, to witness the admiration and respect from her fellow Libertarian/Objectivist friends, makes it so very clear that she was a fantastic woman.

Kudos Anna.

RIP Anna

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A fucking tragedy. However, she was larger than life and this weekend I shall drink a toast in memory of one hell of a ballsy lady. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.


I only knew Anna through her

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I only knew Anna through her blog which I've be reading for something like a year now. A lady to be admired, and a great shame.


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Funeral time and location confirmed: 2pm this Saturday, December 5th, at North Harbour Stadium’s function centre. Come along and pay your respects. All welcome.

Please do Pete...

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sad news. Horrible, bastard death claims an awesome woman. RIP Anna.

Thanks Callum. Anna’s funeral

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Thanks Callum.

Anna’s funeral will be held Saturday afternoon around 2pm, venue to be confirmed but somewhere on Auckland’s North Shore. I’ll post details as soon as I have them.

Thanks Callum

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I hadn't read it on PC's blog till this post. The few times I met her she was a model of rationality and charm while facing the ultimate.

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