Appeasing the world: Obama and the US in global soundings -- US leads on Climate Change

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Submitted by William Scott Scherk on Wed, 2009-12-02 20:57

It will come as no surprise to most SOLOists that US President Obama has reversed the Bush-era mistrust of America held in certain international quarters.

An earlier sounding by the Pew Research Center showed opinion had shifted in many countries. The clearest indicator of a changed international attitude came in beliefs that America will 'do the right thing.'**

Belief that Obama will "do the right thing in world affairs" is now nearly universal in Western countries, where lack of confidence in President Bush had been almost as prevalent for much of his time in office. In France and Germany, no fewer than nine-in-ten express confidence in the new American president, exceeding the ratings achieved by Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel in their own countries.

Just released is PEW's "Global Warming Seen as a Major Problem Around the World Less Concern in the U.S., China and Russia."

While there is agreement around the world that climate change is a serious problem, there is much less international consensus as to which country is most trusted to do the right thing on this issue. However, expectations for President Barack Obama's approach to climate change are high. Majorities or pluralities in 21 of the 25 countries surveyed believe Obama will "get the U.S. to take significant measures to control global climate change." Expectations are especially high in Western Europe.

Check out this report if you want to see a snapshot of global views on several questions, including national breakdowns on "Is global warming a serious problem?"†

How the current 'Climategate' might affect beliefs and opinions is uncertain.



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What a graph!

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What's funny is how Brazil is so far ahead on the list. Autocratic states are those with lopsided political power (where a few folks at the top tyrannize the others). Brazil is no exception to this wrong method of human governance, and they support Climate Change legislation. No surprise there. Anything to add additional control of people--so that you can shake them down for cash--is a boon to an autocratic state like Brazil (where things are so bad that the top 20% of folks, the cronies, make 50 times what the bottom 20% do).

History shows that top quintiles should make between 10-20 times what bottom quintiles make. Brazil, being unfree, is more than 2 times worse than historic examples of economic activity in nation states.


p.s., Greenhouse effects come from "hot ceilings" (areas high up which eminate heat back toward a surface or "floor"), but these scientists refuse to measure the ceiling--as could be done easily and cheaply with temperature measuring stations at the top of the 30 tallest mountains of planet Earth. A greenhouse effect would reliably produce temperature increases at altitude which exceed surface temperature increases (greenhouse effects come from hot ceilings).

Yet they refuse to do so (even though it would prove a greenhouse effect). Can you guess why they would refuse to take the easy steps required to prove their theory?

I can.

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