KASS Music Gem of the Day Holiday Reprise: Ännchen von Tharau—Dedicated to the Memory of Anna Woolf

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2009-12-04 05:07

I won't be able to make the funeral tomorrow. Oirishman, I believe it's among my vinyl collection. If you're able to dub it off and play it, I'd love for this to be my contribution to our Ännchen's send-off:

Of course ...

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... it's allowed. As someone said recently in the liner notes of a new Mario CD, his genius was born with him, lived with him and died with him. His genius lay partly in his phrasing, partly in his incomparable diction, of which I am the world's biggest fan. No one now gets any of it. It's easy to get Fritz. Relatively. Mario was something else again. As indeed Fritz himself acknowledged, and made plain in his recordings of Lanza standards like 'Be My Love.' Fritz is my #2 all-time favourite.

And no, Fritz wasn't played today.

I like Fritz

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maybe more than Mario. (Is that allowed?) That is great. Did they play it Kasper? - I'd like to know what was played.

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