Gnash Your Teeth, Part Deux: in Texas, Mother Nature once again confounds the devotees of the Warmist faith

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Submitted by nevin on Mon, 2009-12-07 01:10

Last year I had the pleasure of presenting on SOLO Passion images of a lovely scene of Tranquility Park, in the heart of downtown Houston, Texas, covered in new-fallen snow on the night of 10 December, 2008. With records stretching back 113 years, that snowfall tied the previous record, from 1944, for being the earliest of the season ever to fall in this city.

Now I am delighted to announce that last year's record has been decisively smashed, and the high-priesthood has a little Texan snow on its face, to top off the rather large East Anglian egg.

The following are some meteorological data, collected by me, which have not been doctored by the good doctors of the CRU, or by anyone else.

The venue shown will be familiar to longtime contributors to this forum, as it is the same apartment complex from which I reported in September, 2008. What a difference 15 months makes! Then I was chronicling part of the damage meted out by Hurricane Ike. Now I am showing a glimpse of Nature's harsher side - harsher to the pipe-dreams of the Warmist orthodoxy, that is, and to the schemes of the bureaucrats-in-lab-coats who have played fast and loose with scientific truth.

Friday, 4 December, 2009

By 11:53 AM CST, there was snow in the air, though not apparent in this photo:

An hour later, it was still snowing, but much harder:

1:27 PM, and it was...
27 PM, and it was...

...starting to stick to rooftops,...
...starting to stick to rooftops,...

...and on grassy areas:

The view from my library at 1:32. Note white-covered palm fronds:

By 1:50, starting to look rather wintry:

A distinctly un-Houstonian nature scene:

A momentary flurry at 2:00 PM lends a Dickensian ambiance:

By sunset it was no longer snowing, but the accumulation remained:

Saturday, 5 December, 2009

At noon, the day after:

Close-up, from my library window:

2:00 PM, with snow still clinging to north-facing rooftops...
00 PM, with snow was still clinging to north-facing rooftops...

...and shaded gardens:

At less than 30 degrees of North latitude, and lapped by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, one of the warmest of all large bodies of seawater in the world, Houston normally boasts balmy year-round weather. But a dearth of sunspot activity in recent years, among other factors, has lead to cooler than normal winters. None of which can be a comfort to the Orthodox.


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...according to Beck's show, there are five times as many polar bears now as there was in 1979.

Almost the same growth rate as the bureaucracy.

I'd rather pay the bears. Cute.

Wow, nice pictures! We had

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Wow, nice pictures! We had snow here in Dallas too but it didn't stick. Actually today may be colder but no snow.

We have to move about 50 plants from our patio into the family room, which now looks like a jungle. Smiling

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