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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2009-12-08 02:54

I don't know why, other than it's some sort of illness in me, but I can't help myself reading Chris Trotters blog.

Though sometimes, on the rare occasion, I am rewarded with a laugh, this time a raucous belly laugh. In his latest posting, National Capitalism, he makes this stunning statement:

If National wishes to reconstruct its mass base it will need to reconsider a great many of its present policy positions. More significantly, it will have to abandon the laissez-faire paradigm in favour of either a genuinely liberal, or a recognisably conservative, political philosophy.

The laissez-faire doctrine is simply too destructive a creed for any political party to pursue for more than a few years. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto identified the all-consuming dynamism of unrestrained capitalism as long ago as 1848 ...

You caught it didn't you? He thinks this National Government, this leave Working for Families in place, lets look at at a land tax next year, no room anymore for tax cuts National Government, is following a 'laissez-faire paradigm'!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah, rolling around the floor laughing. Oh yeah, Nick Smith, John Key last of the great laissez fairers. Last time I looked, John Key was putting a couple of squillion of my money into a Carbon sink somewhere, to the high pitched squeak of Nick Smith singing from Das Kapital.


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Why don't we all go over there and take them on???

Thing is, Mark...

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..Shipley inherited a decade or more of relative liberalism.

Like a true conservative, she did nothing but continue the status quo. It was shot by the time Clark came to power and sounded the death knell.

I think she would have but it's a close call

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She'd just leave out farmers if she did. Ruth Richardson wouldn't have.

... yes, Shipley, but the

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... yes, Shipley, but the reason for putting it up was to equate it to the current government, he seems to think there is a symmetry involved. Though yes, it was equally absurd to caste Shipley in a laissez-faire light, albeit she was discernibly better than this lot.

Actually, there is an interesting question there: do you think Shipley, who had high farmer support around mid-Canterbury - many of my clients still talk well of her - would have put us into an ETS? She would have been far more conflicted than Key/Smith.

Well spotted

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a Bowalley laugh from me too. But it was about Shipley, still you're correct.

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