The Penis Tax by Lindsay Perigo

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Submitted by Kasper on Wed, 2009-12-09 19:17

I have , er, heard it said ...

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...that there are severe penalties for early withdrawal.

Exactly, Marcus

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I feel a stiffening of resolve before the final thrust.

I agree ...

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... it was utterly hilarious. But then I'm biased, since I wrote it and delivered it. Galt forbid that anyone might speak up in defence of it and the like of it that went on day after day on nationwide airwaves. Far better to blather on about that socialist Hitchens.

Failure to rally round was what killed libertarianism in NZ. And it is dead. Cowards and traitors, every which-way.

This is the simple truth. 50 years hence (or even right now) some twerp might cite my saying this as a sign of "Narcissism" or some such. Let me tell you it was a rebellion against a tall poppy enjoying success by hypocrites feigning to be on his side that dragged our incipient movement into an early grave.

It is Kasper

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Very good. A high plateau of punchlines. I think I've heard it once before. Wow.

Not when they're currently...

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A penis tax seems quaint and preferable in comparison.

I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to cock the books by retracting the margin through hiding the bottom line?


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anybody else think this was utterly hilarious? Big smile

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