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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Thu, 2009-12-17 19:56

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I would like to nominate Peter Dunne for the George Orwell 1984 Award, on his bragging over the record number of tax information exchange (TIEA) agreements he has signed with other countries this year.


The signings are part of a new international emphasis on tax co-operation that enables the IRD to get more information from its treaty partners concerning overseas transactions and investments made by New Zealand tax residents.

"They are considered to be an important benchmark for offshore financial centres in meeting OECD standards for transparency and the exchange of information," Mr Dunne said.

Mr Dunne is said to be pleased to be at the forefront of destroying the privacy of individuals as we move toward the world-wide police state. Special commendations for Mr Dunne have been sent by horse and cart from Mr Smith in Copenhagen ['apologies for not being in NZ to celebrate this award, but I'm snowed in'. Put another shovel of coal on that fire John, it's effing freezing in here.] The winner of this award receives an organic hammer and sickle set. Meanwhile Mr Dunne will vigorously fight allegations that he was seen giving the Fascist salute at a recent Heads of Department meeting: 'I was simply trying to keep my hair down'.

The following Orwell nominations have also been made via Twitter:

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke: the Prosperity through Printing Money Award.

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Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Al Gore...

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...can all equally share the 'most deluded moron on this planet' award.

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