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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2009-12-18 01:14

This story has gone completely under my radar. I've not read anything of it before:

New Maori welfare system planned
NZPA | Friday December 18 2009 - 06:52am

A new welfare system for Maori families could be given the green light as early as February, it was reported last night.

It is a Maori Party initiative called Whanau Ora, or Well Family, and has been extensively discussed by MPs and ministers.


TV news reported it had documents which showed the Government was close to a decision which could be taken at a cabinet meeting on February 1.

It said Whanau Ora would see millions of dollars set aside for a separate Maori welfare system and officials were advising Prime Minister John Key to appoint a Whanau Ora minister who would oversee the service and be responsible for the funding.

The documents showed an intention to set up six Whanau Ora sites around the country by next year, with more locations added each year until 2013.

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