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Submitted by JulianP on Mon, 2006-03-27 07:19

Has anybody ever bought/used The Objectivism Research CD-ROM?

Since I have to get a copy of The Romantic Manifesto anyway, I was wondering about getting this CD-ROM instead. Assuming I don't mind reading on my laptop's screen, is it possible to read all the works fairly easily? Otherwise, it looks like a great reference.

From website:
Objectivism Research CD-ROM by Ayn Rand

Includes works by Leonard Peikoff

Subtitle: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

The first and only electronically searchable, totally comprehensive reference work for the history-changing ideas of Ayn Rand. Including Anthem, We The Living, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and the vast majority of her non-fiction writing, as well as Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, and other works.

Included works:
by Ayn Rand
Atlas Shrugged
Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
For The New Intellectual
Introduction To Objectivist Epistemology
Journals Of Ayn Rand
Letters Of Ayn Rand
The Art of Fiction
The Art of Nonfiction
The Ayn Rand Column (LA Times)
The Ayn Rand Letter
The Fountainhead
The New Left
The Objectivist
The Objectivist Newsletter
The Romantic Manifesto
The Virtue Of Selfishness
The Voice Of Reason
We The Living

by Dr. Leonard Peikoff
The Ominous Parallels
Objectivism: The Philosophy Of Ayn Rand
(plus other writings interspersed in the first list)
The works may be read at will individually, or you can search for any phrase and find all references, extremely rapidly.

The CD-ROM is designed to work with IBM PC compatible systems running any Microsoft operating system from Windows 95 through present versions.

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Save your voice

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... if you like to read AS to the swans in the park rest your eyes (and voice) and head over to - they have the full unabridged audio-books of AS, TF, AN, plus various non-fiction ... with a voice-recorder you can even let the swans and pigeons 'audio-annotate' Smiling

(funny: took it out - the German still offers the English version - go figure???) 

Oliver Computing

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you could try Phil Oliver at - I ordered mine with him some years ago and also exchanged some mails for improvements and minor typos in the texts ... it's been a while, but he was very agreable to suggestions - maybe even a Mac version ... might revive some interest in this collection which I also find an invaluable tool for look-up ... don't think it ever was intended for reading out loud in the park - but when you're constantly on the move as I am it's less cumbersome than lugging around thirteen pounds of hardcopy ... and you'll never find that one quote that's on the tip of your tongue going through your library shelf Smiling

Thanks for the comments

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Thanks for the comments guys! Smiling It sounds really useful, and I will probably get it.

The only problem is that I thought I would be able to use it with my Mac, with a little fiddling. However, it doesn't sound easy. Damn. I might need something like VirtualPC, which will let me run Windows programs.

Thanks again!


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Although I generally prefer to sit down a read a book, the cd-rom is an invaluable research tool... one of those items that you cannot imagine living without once you have it. The interface is servicable, even if not fantastic or pretty. The articles are simply and readably formatted, and easy to print. After years of using it, I really only have two complaints:
* It doesn't have PWNI as its own text, although those articles are available via their original sources.
* To protect copyright, it doesn't allow you to copy more than four lines of text at a time.

Also, the cd-rom contains only the writings of Ayn Rand (and some work from Leonard Peikoff), but none of the writings of other contributors to The Objectivist and The Objectivist Newsletter. (I suspect that's because the change in medium would require permission and royalties to those authors.)

-- Diana Hsieh

Yeah Marnee, I just looked

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Yeah Marnee, I just looked at it more and it looks great. You get The Objectivist and the LA Times columns and stuff that I don't have.

But Julian, for intense reading, paper.

Can't beat paper

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I use alot of etexts but prefer pages whenever I can get them. You can't easily underline a computer screen or write marginal notes on it. When I read with my pen a book takes a scathing thrashing!

Julian, go snoop around some second-hand bookshops. I bought my copy of Romantic Manifesto at Parnell rd/Arny rd intersection for $2! Honest, Ayn Rand books are hiding in most every store.

I own the CD and use it

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I own the CD and use it often. I think at $60 its a really good value.

Also, I hear they may be discontinuing it. I have also heard that it is very unlikely that a Mac version will be forthcomming.

I would love to have it too,

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I would love to have it too, but they don't have a Mac compatable version. I bet it wouldn't be that hard to make a Mac version as it looks like a simple program.

I don't have it Julian but

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I don't have it Julian but it'd be a nice luxury to have. I urge you to get the books so you can make margin notes and underscore stuff. And maybe take it to the park and read by the swans.

I can't imagine reading Atlas or Les Miserables on a laptop. It'd weaken the experience.

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