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Submitted by Adam Buker on Mon, 2006-03-27 07:41

*SEETHING WITH UNCONTROLLABLE RAGE* Ok, although I dislike Microsoft's software, I never did think that any monopoly case against them could be legitimate (like the Sherman Antitrust act itself) because of the possibliity of choosing an alternative via Apple (whose products I use religiously) or Linux. Now Apple is the big bad monopoly?! Granted they have dominance in the legal media download market, but is it really any wonder? The iTunes and the iPod are terrific products that are easy to use and cost effective. But if you don't like iTunes and/or the iPod, you can use Rhapsody or other such services as well as other types of mp3 devices. The son-of-a bitch that wrote the article even said that competitors such as Sony, proved that they were unable to compete. But that's how the free-market works. If you are incapable of competing that is soley on your shoulders. There is no reason to penalize the competent in favor of the incompetent regardless if the incompetence is in the product (iTunes versus Sony et al) the marketing advantages (Microsoft versus Netscape) or a combination of both.

I've said this on another thread discussing this case ...

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... but I'll say it again here, hopefully more clearly.

Apple deserves this.

Now, to clarify: I'm opposed to anti-trust legislation, anti-trust cases etc. etc. If I had the power to so, I would stop this action against Apple in it's tracks, because it's immoral, and it sets an horrendously bad precedent.

However, this is the same Apple that came out swinging in favour of the anti-trust case against Microsoft, whose CEO complained at the supposedly light penalties brought against Microsoft after they lost that case, and that sued Microsoft for copying GUI features from MacOS, that they filched from Xerox.

So, as much as I opposed this case and all like it, if Apple do end up being reamed by it, it's metaphorical justice; they have been trying for years to set up a legislative climate hostile to business success, and now they've succeeded, they're being hoist by their own petard.

How sad Eye

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