Storming the Barricades

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Submitted by Jmaurone on Wed, 2009-12-23 17:17

"You don't expect me also to be some kind of woman on the barricades and lead an army on Washington; it's much too soon for that." -Ayn Rand

Here's an interesting poll topic, then: If the Health Care bill passes, with the threat of taxation/imprisonment for those who refuse it, is it much too soon or much too late? Or just right?

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And what is support for Obama? How elected politician can pull through a bill which doesn't have support of majority? What would happen to him and to his party in the next elections? What about members of Congress and Senate who voted for this bill-they also depend on electorate. If polls are right that would mean that American government and legislature are on the break of collapse. However it doesn't seem to be a case. 35% of support doesn’t mean 65% of rejection. It means that majority doesn't have formed opinion or doesn't care this way or another. That why they will never storm the barricades. And this exactly a situation on which Obama counts. This always has been and will be the pillar and cornerstone of every dictatorship-people don’t take ideas seriously.


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....the polls only show 35% support for the current bill.


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"Than storm the barricades!"
And who will storm the barricads? Martians? As far as I know the majority of Americans agree with this Bill.

Wait for the final bill...

Marcus's picture be passed by both houses.

Than storm the barricades!

Grab hold of the angry backlash!

That's Great...

Jmaurone's picture long as you don't get caught under the rubble...

I'd say wait, soon..

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just after she collapses but before the enemies invade. But on second thought the enemies are already at the helm. They must be taken out in the most practical way. Do you wait for total collapse or take the preventative task in hand? Numbers must be there. So you must wait for the collapse.

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