Editorial Two: Perigo Editorial—Punk Rock by Lindsay Perigo

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Submitted by Kasper on Wed, 2009-12-30 06:22

Since music has been brought up again exposing those who defend their ingestion of muck I thought this one would be timely.


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that's a tragedy.

"I can't imagine how he lives with himself."

People like that don't live with themselves. They experience a soul-death long before their time is up, like a frog slowly boiling in a pot. Imagine the monumental evasion of denying such a conscience that was at one point so enlightened.

Frightful discovery

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My curiosity was piqued, hearing this editorial again after nearly a decade, to find out what had become of my young e-mailer. What I discovered was truly shocking. He has now embraced the very things he so eloquently denounced in his e-mail. The boy who lamented the slide into statism under Clinton and Gore has now become an activist for Obama and a mystical environmentalist. The boy who excoriated blotches and splurges has embraced the icons of pomowankery. The boy who lauded reason has become a devotee of clairvoyance. I haven't spoken to him directly, but I suspect this has as much to do with opportunism, living in San Francisco and all, as genuine conviction. I know he knows it's all crap. I can't imagine how he lives with himself.


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"post modern bitch" Big smile

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