SOLO-NZ Press Release: Prison the Productive Proclaims Power

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SOLO-NZ Press Release: Prison the Productive Proclaims Power

Philip Duck
January 31, 2010

Anti-Commerce Minister Simon Power supports jail time of up to seven years for businessmen who are doing nothing more than seeking to maximize their profits.

‘Penalties, including jail time, could deter organizations from engaging in cartel behaviour,’ Power said in reaction to the release this week of the Ministry of Economic Destruction’s ‘Cartel Criminalisation Discussion Paper.’ The Ministry’s recommendation that fines should be increased from $500,000 to $5 million also had Power salivating. And, mortified by US figures showing that the percentage of defendants convicted in cartel jury trials falls well below that of other defended cases, the Ministry of Destruction hopes that the government will legislate away the right to trial by jury.

Like previous anti-Commerce Minister, Labour’s dim-witted loser, Lianne Dalziel, property rights clearly mean nothing to the pitiful Power. After all, if the cartel is simply a group of businessmen, who, without force or fraud, come to an agreement to use their property in a way that they believe will be most profitable for them, what is wrong with that? Those businessmen don’t, despite the protestations of Power, Dalziel and all their socialist buddies, owe a damn thing to consumers, the economy, other businesses, the government, or the assortment of busybodies who infest New Zealand in such great numbers.

Seven years of imprisonment for simply going about your business? Disgusting. Seven years jail time and a $5 million fine for each and every M.P who puts their name to ‘Cartel Criminalisation’ legislation? Now you’re talking.

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Under Mao: public

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Under Mao: public humiliation. confiscation of all property. retraining ending in massive public self-criticism event. deportation to the country-side. condemned to shovel pig manure for 20 years.

Either that or shoot the bastards straight away.

Too lenient

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Only 7 years in jail? Your minister is too lenient. V.I Lenin used to shoot the bastards straight away.

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