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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Sun, 2010-02-07 04:24

Sure, this guy's a psychotic, but he seems to have a better grip on the art of film, dramatic structure and, indeed, basic common sense than the great film-makers of our time.

The first is a review of the Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace. Yes, it's long. But I could not stop laughing when a friend sent me the link a couple months ago.

The second is a much shorter review of Avatar.

Now, if you thought these films were the apex of cinema art, then, no, don't click on the links.

If you don't... well, I'll let our gentle critic speak for himself.

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This guy's a genius... with

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This guy's a genius... with *alot* of time on his hands. But I couldn't stop watching the 70 minute review. Should be 101 for film school. Hilarious! I'm sure he's left a message on Greg Gutfeld's answering machine.... "Greg, we need to talk. I'm finding it hard to pee." Thanks James!

Sad, Humorless Kiwi...

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Well, it was certainly the most succinct review.

But, oh, you sad, humorless Kiwi. Smiling

Sad, too, if you've found nothing of value in film since 1959.

And, saddest of all, your utter blindness to the genius of Ridley Scott, the greatest visual storyteller of out time.


The best review ...

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... of Avatar was Bosch's:

But you young 'uns wouldn't know a decent movie if it bit you on the ass anyway. Ridley Scott? Please. Crap crappity crap crap, crap crap.

Apart from a select few Linz-certified exceptions, no decent movie has been released since 1959—many years, alas, before I was born. Eye

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