Happy Birthday, Mr President

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Submitted by Jameson on Sun, 2010-02-07 08:34

A tribute to Ronald Reagan, 99 today.

Weasel words K.

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Weasel words K. Smiling


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I believe the specifics were that they called the Republican party socialist which today is not a bad insight. I would say collectivist, which I imagine the person in question, was really trying to say Smiling

As for calling Reagan a socialist, I don't recall that slur having been made.... Perhaps I was well underway by then Eye

Yup, what a guy! Had a

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Yup, what a guy!

Had a Soloist stridently writing him off to me as a socialist recently. Just nuts I called them, eh Kasper? Smiling

Mr. President times three

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Hope no one minds, I had to take a shot at that image.


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Has been my inspiration for this week. The speeches are wonderful!


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That's the photo I took and posted on an earlier thread somewhere that I can't seem to locate. By the way, next year will mark the 100th birthday of America's greatest president of the 20th century.


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Is that the pic you took?

A truly great man

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Ronald Reagan

(Taken in early 1990s.)

It is amazing now to consider

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It is amazing now to consider that a master thinker like Ayn Rand thought that it was wise to speak out aggressively against Ronald Reagan because of his imperfections. Maybe she was just getting old. Back in the era of Goldwater and Reagan the conservatives had a clear set of principles, and a clear enemy. Today, when the enemy is just the mediocrity of the welfare state and not the diabolical evil of world wide communism focus on principles just doesn't have the same kind of appeal.

Ayn Rand was right to highlight evil in her great novel by focusing on the insidious effects of the Wesley Mouches, James Taggerts, and Mr. Thompsons rather than fictional versions of collectivist dictators modeled after Mao, Stalin or Hitler. The second set is obvious enough that a big segment of the American people will stand up to them, and make the logical connections to government policies at home while they exist. Support for Goldwater in that election, even in the landslide defeat is an example of this.

Regardless of his imperfections and shackles as a politician Ronald Reagan was a hero and a great American. The Pro-American President.

"a government bureau is the

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"a government bureau is the closest thing to eternal life we'll see on this earth"

Cannot remember when last a politician so clearly judged the immorality of the left, not to mention the lie of Keynesian economics

Speaking of which

Great man

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"The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan."

And the present administration? And today's Republicans? Who the hell came up with "history never repeats."

Ya know...

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...you can't help but be struck by the delivery of that speech, and the response.

Compare it with Palin's speech at the Tea Party conference yesterday. If there was ever a venue ripe for a Reaganesque plea to the heart and mind, it was there. But no, we got the standard modern delivery with lots of applause and not much substance.

Reagan hammers it hard right from the start. He's not speaking to rally the troops or garner praise for himself, but to lay it out in the most wonderfully patriotic and *intellectual* terms possible. The audience sit there both rapt and *thoughtful*.

What a guy.

Good stuff, Glenn

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Fox has a nice little slideshow tribute.

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