Islamo-Fascist Filth Cows NYU

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2006-03-29 21:27

Story on Diana's blog:

NYU Cowardice


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I was commenting on what comes through my in-box, not what is the on the Op-Ed pages. I have seen FIRE linked to as an Objectivist organisation. As a Brit, I do not tend to visit US sites with a domestic focus and take your word that it is not Objectivist.

I agree that Yaron Brook is a critic of Just War Theory. My typing was in error on the last post - missed out "critique". I still believe that the policies he advocates, e.g. pre-emptive action and levelling cities as an "example", are incompatible with Objectivism. This is a big issue for me and is the main reason why I will not attend ARI events or donate to the organisation. I will explain my views in detail in later post - not enough time at the moment.

Check Your Facts, Kenny

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Some notes in response to Kenny:

* The Objective Standard's link page lists "other publications and organizations concerned with cultural and political matters." Sure, some of those publications and organizations are neo-conservative, but not all are. And in any case, the links are *clearly* not intended to imply any kind of endorsement. Given that, why on earth would you regard those few links as any kind of evidence of ARI's political positions?

* Also, FIRE is not an Objectivist organization. (Where did you get that idea?)

* Yaron Brook is a critic of Just War Theory -- on the grounds of its altruism. Perhaps you should know what he actually advocates before you criticize him.

* The issue of Islam has been a hot topic of late, to be sure. (It's an important issue!) However, if you look at ARI's page of recent op-eds, you'll see that they many concern issues other than Iraq and the Danish cartoons. For example:

    The Myth of "Price-Gouging"
    Friday, February 17, 2006
    By: Alex Epstein

    Who Will Defend Industry from Eco-Terrorism?
    Tuesday, February 14, 2006
    By: Onkar Ghate
    Man's method of survival--transforming nature to meet his needs--must be defended against environmentalism's attack.

    Drop the "Windfall Profits" Smear
    Monday, February 6, 2006
    By: Alex Epstein
    America's oil companies have earned every penny of their profits.

    Why Are CEOs Paid So Much?
    Tuesday, January 31, 2006
    By: Elan Journo
    Successful CEOs are as indispensable to their companies as Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks are to their teams.

Please Kenny, concern yourself with the facts! I provided you with a link to that page of op-eds in my last post -- and you obviously ignored it, preferring to rely upon your obviously faulty memory. I'm not going to give you the benefit of a charity refutation of your arbitrary claims next time.

-- Diana Hsieh

Objectivist Standard links

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They include American Enterprise Institute (neo-con), Heritage Foundation (neo-con), Hudson Institute (home of neo-con Iewin Stelzer) and several other organisations that support neo-con foreign policy. The only links to Objectivist organisations are ARI and FIRE.

I am planning to write a piece that will argue that Yaron Brook's foreign policy (including his Just War) is altruist (to put it politely) rather than Objectivist.

I am on ARI's mailing list and the only stuff I get relates to the shop, Iraq and cartoons. I cannot remember the last time I got anything that promote capitalism.

Go Look For Yourself

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Also, I should mention that anyone who wishes to see the issues that ARI is tackling ought to check out their page of op-eds.

-- Diana Hsieh

Neo-Conservatism? NOT!

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Just how exactly is ARI pushing a "neo-conservative foreign policy"? If you're going to make that charge, then you need to (1) sketch your understanding of neo-conservatism and (2) show how ARI's position on the war is neo-conservative. Unless you do that, I have no idea what you're saying. I'm not asking for an essay, just a paragraph or two -- with citations.

Or, if that's too much work for you, perhaps you might wish to listen to this lecture by ARI's Yaron Brook:

The Neoconservatives—Friends or Foes?: "Architects of recent U.S. foreign policy, neoconservatives claim to uphold America's 'national interest,' which they argue should be defended militarily. But in fact neoconservatives reject the moral need to pursue only America's self-interest, and instead urge us to sacrifice ourselves in order to spread 'democracy' worldwide. This lecture critiques neoconservative foreign policy, exposes the real meaning of their seeming patriotism and argues that their policies will lead to failure in America's war against Islamist totalitarians."

ARI advocates a foriegn policy of self-interest in which the American military eliminates foreign threats to American lives. The neo-cons are in favor of altruistically sacrificing the lives of American soldiers in order to spread democracy, even when that means the election of Islamic governments. Those approaches are not just different, but fundamentally opposed.

Also, you might be interested in this upcoming lecture at OCON by C. Bradley Thompson:

Are the Neoconservatives Destroying America?: "During the 1930s a group of young Trotskyists at Brooklyn College advocated Marxism and worldwide communist revolution. Today, those same men dominate conservative political thought and politics. Known as the neoconservatives, they control the leading conservative think-tanks and magazines, they hold prestigious university positions and they are credited with defining Republican domestic and foreign policy, from Reagan to Bush.

"But just who are the neoconservatives and what do they really stand for? At first blush, the 'neocons' are impressive: they take ideas seriously, they're pro-American, they're critics of the New Left and they support capitalism. In this lecture, Dr. Thompson will examine the ideological origins of neoconservatism, the neocons' intellectual method and their plan for governing America. He will demonstrate that the neoconservatives are altruists in ethics and pragmatists in politics and are, therefore, a threat to a free society."

-- Diana Hsieh

ARI's problem

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Is that it only seems to be pushing its neo-conservative foreign policy (see the links to American conservative organisations on the new Objective Standard site too) and the Muslim cartoon issue. I attended the March for Free Expression in London last Saturday so I am not swquishy on that issue. My concern is that the ARI is not promoting Ayn Rand's philosophy in its public statements. Perhaps Diana could comment on that.

On Diana's blog ...

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... is an account of the evening, which apparently was incident-free, & presumably minus the cartoons.

Several people have posted the e-mails they sent to Messrs Sexton & Buxton. All very polite, which I'm afraid was more than I could manage:

Shame on you for kowtowing to Islamo-fascist filth. So much for the time-honoured
tradition of freedom of speech on campus. I presume "Neville" & "Chamberlain" are your middle names, you egregious cowards.

Oh Ross, that

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Oh Ross, that picture...Anyhow, what should happen is that any threat, wether minor or serious by these islamo-fascists should be met by a friendly knock on the door by the FBI.

Email sent.

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Email sent.

If the Objectivist Club had any balls it would have the 150 public admitted, shut the doors, then put the cartoons back up. They would also invite some Press to record any standoff.

From the NYU Islamic Center President:

"These same cartoons unfortunately have lead to riots, protests, beatings, and deaths all around the world. "

Yeah, sure, don't meantion who was *perpetrating* the violence. That would give the game away a bit too easily, wouldn't it?


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Ah, my wonderful alma mater. Glad I didn't make a donation this year.

-- Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

Action Required ASAP!

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Howdy Everyone,

This is an absolutely serious issue.  I encourage everyone to e-mail NYU president John Sexton and head of Student services Bob Butler *today*.  It would also help to send editorials to your local newspaper as well as national papers like USA today.  Larry Benson at ARI just told me that the Objectivist Club has decided to take down the cartoons.  They had to, else the 150+ non-students who RSVP'd the event would be disallowed entry.  This is complete bullshit!  Here's the contact for the NYU pres and Student Services director:

Please, let's everyone co-operate and express our disapproval over this outrage. Send the e-mail.

--Dan Edge

Thanks Linz!

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Here's the permalink to this developing story. I can't wait to hear what happens tonight.

-- Diana Hsieh

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